Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Spring is indeed on the way ...

The one sure sign Spring has finally sprung ...

snowmen melt leave tails of discoloured snow in their wake!
This is Curly'ws new favorite place to hide ... and it is technically past the first day of Spring, so all my winter decorations should be put away by now, but he enjoys hiding under there, and I hate to ruin his fun, so I might be the onlyperson I know with a Snowman in her kitchen in July!

Not much knitting news ... I have been knitting away on my International Scarf Exchange 4 scarf ... but don't want to post any details here in case someone accidentally stumbles into my blog and sees all the details here. I got assigned someone from outside of North America, and I am knitting her a scarf out of Country Mohair by the Fleece Artist. When it gets closer to exchange day, I'll post pictures -- all I can say now is it is really pretty, and I hope I can block it to a rectangular shape, because the pattern I have selected has it twisting and pulling into a really peculiar shape (I'm not much of one for blocking ... I hope I am up to the challenge!)

The tractor is now painted ... T is pleased with it - amazing what a little elbow grease, a sandblaster and an bit of work will get. You can be the judge of which is the before and which is the after picture (giggle).

Now he just has to get the roll bar/cage made and fix a few things that don't work quite right yet . But soon will be done!


lexa said...

Roll bars? Is he going off-roading? LOL! Let us know, and we'll take the ATV! (The paint job looks great, btw.)

So you found a pattern for the scarf exchange. I don't really knit a lot of scarves, so I'm not as in-touch with the patterns out there. (Not like the sock patterns! I know tons of 'em, but there's constantly more and more popping up, adding to my way-too-big "to-do" pile.) Looking forward to seeing pictures of the scarf. I'm off the next two weekends, don't have to work til the first weekend after Easter. I'll be around Wed/Fri and Tues/Wed next week if you happen to have it with you and are in town on your lunch break (hint, hint)!

I will keep you posted on my plans for a yarn order. I think I'm leaning towards Pick Up Sticks first because there's only one or two I really have to have there. That way if you need one we'll make the free shipping minimum. (Feel free to order more than one, though!) The Sweet Sheep always has a ton of stuff I want. I'm waiting to see what she gets for Yarn Pirate! My tax return was being netfiled today, so hopefully I'll get it within two weeks. I usually have it direct deposited in a week, but I was told that the glitch the government in their system can make it be a little longer.

Heddy said...

Cool re: the knitting order - let me know when you are ready , and I'll get something!

the roll bars are because is is going off roading - sort of - he got the tractor to be a woods tractor, and for it to be legal for the woods, needs a roll bar/cage!

I'lll show you the scarf nexyt week - hopefully blocked (it looks weird unles I contort it into shape!)