Thursday, 29 March 2007

Ok ... I gotta admit, this had tweaked my interest! I know I'd be setting myself up for failure -- that's a lot of socks (considering it takes me 2 weeks to make a pair when I am working) ... but I still think it would be fun! and would definately set the bar high for working my way though the FLeece Artist sale items, plus, I'd have to have a constantly replentishing supply of yummy yarns! I think the sign ups are closing next week.

Gives one something to think about! Plus I have to admit, I am curious to see how many people keep the pace and actually manage to keep up! True Uber knitters, in my book!


lexa said...

That's a whole lotta socks! Don't know if I could do it. I'll have to think about that one, too. I hate to fail, and I can see me, a dozen pairs short, staying up half the night, neglecting kids, during the last month to finish! (I hate to fail! Never missed a month on any of the Sock-A-Month KALs so far, didn't miss a month for Knittin' Mittens, finished my Mystery Socks for that KAL.)

Heddy said...

I know .. but what a challenge, eh! I know I couldn't , but i am thinking I could go in hoping to get 26 (half) and that would keep my on track, and I'd get my christmas knitting done!)

Shelley said...

I could never do the 52 sock takes me too long to finish one pair! Gotta admire those who can do it though!