Sunday, 1 April 2007

Frogs, frustration and fun!

Just wanted to pop in with an update on progress on projects ..
  1. frogged a finished ankle sock and its 3/4 finished mate when I realized I wouldn't have enough to finish the pair (a little painful, but for the best - T kept saying - I can't believe you are ripping it apart, can't you see if you can find more yarn or finish it in another colour and just wear them? But I would never be happy about them, so it is for the best that they are now 2 neat little balls, waiting to be knit into either kids socks, or pedicure socks) ~ I was only short by 2 inches of sock in yarn to finish the pattern.

  2. haven't touched the mohair scarf for my ISE4 pal in a few days (I am a little disturbed and worried about the shape it is taking and am concerned I won't be able to block it into a nice straight edged rectangle, that resembles a scarf! - any tips for blocking are appreciated! I very rarely block my knitting, and am scared to block this mohair !) I want it to be nice for her, and am now thinking I might have to frog the 2.5 feet I have knit and try another pattern - mohair doesn't unravel well! (pouting)

So there are 2 tales of frogging and frustration ... and here is the fun:

3. I started my Whiskey Austerman sock again! I really like this sock - to the point of near obsession with the colours (it really looks like something I would own! if you know what I mean). I am sort of regretting not doing a fancier pattern but, if you recall, it wasn't always my sock ... a happy turn of events made it mine!). I am planning to get this sock done by mid week, and start the second to be done by the end of the Easter long weekend (aka Four Days of Non-stop Knitting and chocolate)! I will post pictures of progress, and maybe some of the chocolate, too.

Plans are being made for the STR yarn and the Fleece Artist sale yarn ... I have been going through patterns with Christmas gifts in mind (but not for the Cracked Canyon! That one is MINE!!! - anyone have any ideas for a beautiful pattern that will show it off? I am thinking of being brave and trying my first pair of Monkeys with it. Good idea or no?).

I want to knit a lot of the Fleece Artist sale yarn into gifties for mothers (his and mine), my sister and our sisters-in law, and hopefully some socks for the kiddies (a 10 year old and a 4 year old niece, a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old nephew and a baby of undetermined gender my sister is having in June), and some for me ... which is why the 52 weeks of socks KAL interested me (I know I won't keep the frantic pace being set, but it would be a good incentive to try to keep churning them out! -- and, in a pinch for time, miniatures count too! I still might sign up! who couldn't use 52 tiny little pairs of socks? heheh!


lexa said...

Monkeys would probably be a good choice for the STR. I'm terrible when it comes to buying sock yarn and using it for gifts. I can't part with it! Usually I have to buy something specifically for gift socks.

I'm still debating on the 52 Pair Plunge. I may do it. I was looking through one of my stash places on Friday and found a bunch of little leftovers of sock yarns. I am going to use it to make baby socks for the new niece/nephew in November. (Not enough there in most of it to do socks for either of my boys, even with contrast heels/toes.) Since any socks will do I may be able to make it if I make a dozen pairs of baby socks and some socks for my boys.

lexa said...

I went for the 52 Pair Plunge! Don't know if I'll make it, but it will be interesting to see how many I can get made in a year.