Monday, 2 April 2007

Warm Woolies!

Did ya ever have one of those days where nothing goes right, and you think you'd have been better off staying in bed? I was having one of those today (I won't even get into it, as I am in a happy zone now, and have mostly forgotten all the evil of the day ... la la ... la la) ... A month or so ago, Alyson ran a contest on her blog, to celebrate its 1 year blogiversary , and I was chosen as a winner ... today I received my prizes!

She of the YoYo is a very generous prize giver -- check out the before and after shots:

Yes ... all that loot came form one person! I got a cute little lamb, a candle (I wish you had smellovision - it is Saffron and Sage and smells just like my grandfather's aftershave when I was a little girl), 2 bunches of Choxies Truffle Meltaways chocolates ... they are on their way to being a memory (delicious and hard to stop eating! and in funky flavors like coconut cream pie, Key lime, strawberry shortcake, espresso, raspberry lemon biscotti, and more!), a package of Fake Forest recycled envelopes (pretty nifty --- that IS President Kennedy on one of them, and a screaming gaggle of girlies), a magnetic memo pad (which will add some class to my messy fridge!), and ... saving the most exciting for last -- 2 skeins of yarn! One is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock wool, and the other is Rio De La Plata wool! I love them both ... the RIO is in Red Brick colour and the Cherry Tree Hill is in Jewel tones -- beautiful!
Thanks again Alyson -- the prizes are perfect, I love them all! You made my day!


lexa said...

She sends awesome stuff, doesn't she? That CTH looks a lot like the stuff I used for the New Years Day socks. I love CTH. Got four skeins of it in the stash!

Did you decide on the 52 Pair Plunge yet? I don't think I'll make it, but it may help keep me motivated!

My tax return will be deposited on Thursday. I see Pick Up Sticks isn't shipping til like the middle of the month. I want to order maybe the end of next week, though. One of the colors I'm interested in only has two left in stock. Maybe we'll shoot for an order on Friday the 13th! Or if you are superstitious we'll do it on Thursday. :)

Oh, yes. Haven't heard anything about if your neighbor had the baby yet or not. I have the hood almost done for the hoodie. Everything else is finished.

Shelley said...

What an awesome prize! Contratulations on winning!