Saturday, 17 May 2008

Reason # 17 for why I do not deserve the "Homemaker of the Year Award"

This morning while searching for a mate in a pair of hand knit socks (there was a load of 6.5 pairs in the hamper, and sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, the minute after they come out of the delicate cycle, the remaining sock will show up), so I checked under our bed to see if the sock had been pushed under the skirt.

What I saw made me laugh out loud ... then reassess my thoroughness in cleaning.

I found 19 of the dogs' stuffed toys under the bed -- yes - nineteen! Let's just say that aside from dog hair dust bunnies that could wrestle a big man to the ground, there wasn't room for anything else under there (although, I did find the wayward sock, and a felted slipper that has been on the MIA list since I can't remember when).

This is why I won't be expecting a call from Good Housekeeping magazine anytime soon (note: 55 lb. Valley Bull for perspective).

I do vacuum - I do it fairly often, especially now that there is hardwood in the bedroom (the bunnies will getcha if you don't), but I haven't gone more than 6 or so inches under the bed skirt. Heh heh - ooops! The 7 inch depth was where I found the stuffie lair.

There aren't monsters under my bed like I thought there were when I was a kid ... I can't believe Elvis and Duffy didn't go looking for their favorites -- I mean, really - Pink Piggy was there, 2 tennis balls, Mr. Cow, Mr. Bear, Princess Pink Piggy (bought because Pink Piggy was lost), Mr. LeeZard, the Tuggeee Rope, the chimp that screams, the frog that ribbits, the piggy that oinks, Hey-Chickeee-Chickee, Pink Gingerbread Man (bought to replace Princess Pink Piggy who was lost), -- man, every favorite toy was under there, and not a peep out of the pooches. Duffy was very, very excited as the toys started to pile up on the bed - just like she was seeing long lost friends (very dirty, fur-covered, long lost friends).

I now leave you to your regular scheduled knitting -- I have to go wash dog toys and vacuum. You never know when GHKM will come knockin'!


Marti said...

What are the other 16 reasons??! I dare not look under our bed either. No dog toys, but lord only knows the dust mutants that reside there.

Heddy said...

Honestly -- You don't wanna know the other 16 reasons! LOL! Housework is not one of my strong points. The fact that I am blogging today instead of actually tackling those huge bunnies under my bed is #8 on the list, and the dishes sitting in the sink while I knit away this afternoon is #12 -- the rest, well, ya don't wanna know!