Monday, 12 May 2008

Let's get Coordinated

Ok - to avoid future debacles like last week's Knit Nite tragedy (for those who were not there, there were no preplanned treats! Donna was a sweetie and brought out cheese and crackers, in addition to the coffee and soft drinks, but there were no cupcakes, cookies, squares, sweet breads, or tarts of either the homemade or bakery variety. I KNOW -- The world nearly stopped spinning on its axis! well, for me it did. Maybe I take the sweets portion of the evening a little too seriously?)

There have been other weeks were there have been way too many sweets (hey, who said that? Is there such a thing?). To strike some sort of happy medium -- maybe we should take turns, or if someone really wants to bring something, she could call dibbies on the sweets. If no one wants to bake or go the the bakery, I don't mind being the default "sweet buyer" on weeks where there is need (although, I warn you, my choices are usually chocolate in some way).

Anyhow, in addition to the regular weekly call for attendees (and deciding who will drive this week), this week let's try a "is anyone bringing grub?" (please don't feel you have to bring anything). Drop a comment here re: any of the above.

Also, check back before going to Knit nite this week in case we move it due to a stork in NB.



lexa said...

I can't make this week. :(

Marti said...

Holy carp, it's Wednesday already??? Where is the time going? So here's my suggestion...I think she who drives can be exempt from brining treats...therefore, I am up for driving! All of my 'spare' time is being eaten up by the house at the moment. Anyhoo...I'll put up a post on my blog seeing if anyone wants a pick up and we'll see who we can gather!

lexa said...

Do you happen to have any small bits of Canadiana or acrylic worsted weight in bright yellow or bright orange? A lady was in yesterday and bought a bunch of Canadiana to knit a train sweater. We didn't have these colors. I had the bright yellow, but I must have given it to Donna W at some point, can't find it. Just lemme know. :)