Sunday, 23 March 2008

White Point Beach Resort -- possible home of the Easter Bunny?

Just got back from a trip to White Point Beach Resort with my Mom, sister and my nephew Jack - we were on a mission to find the Easter Bunny and his cousins, and give them snacks ...

Armed with paper sacks of bunny food provided by the Resort, we began the quest ...

The bunnies weren't easy to find - not behind the tree,

Not in the boat,

Not hiding behind the rocks on the beach ... where could the bunnies be?

HEY - look'it over there...

There's 2 by the cabin,

and over by the tree - there's a cute little one who dressed up in his tuxedo for Easter,

and a fat brown one came over to admire my sister's Fetching gloves (the mitts passed the muster - Jack thought they were wonderful, and cool, and insisted on wearing them the whole 20 minute drive to the Resort - my sister said they kept her hands warm, and she liked the colour and how soft they are!).

Jack wasn't very interested in the bunnies - boy's like sticks and stones, and bunnies don't like boys running with sticks, so Jack didn't get very close to the bunnies.

There is also a very cool playground at the Resort, with a suspended bridge,

a steering wheel so Captain Jack can steer the boat away from the other pirates,

and there is even a really big slide!

Very fun way to spend Easter Day ... but we didn't find the Easter Bunny! He must have been sleeping after his busy night.

** I won a donut on my Roll Up the Rim, the only one of the 3 of us to win today ... this year the winnings have been slim (I won a coffee and one donut prior to this).

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lexa said...

Good for you winning on your Tim's cup. I haven't won a thing yet, and I've had one in Bridgewater and one in Halifax!

Looks like everyone had fun with the bunnies. Glad T likes her Fetchings, too. I may make a pair with my Alpaca.