Saturday, 30 January 2010

not dead - just busy!

Wow! 20 days since I last posted ... and I can't think of a thing to say, or remember much that I have been knitting. Hmmm - I'm not really very good at this blog thing, eh?

Lets see ... I have been helping my 7 year old niece learn to knit (she is a natural, by the way - like a duck in water!), and her mom wanted to relearn so she and my niece would have something fun to do together (my SIL used to knit a bit, but hasn't touched the needles in 13 years) ... she is really catching on fast, too! We started with a dishcloth, the diagonal ones, with the YOs that go up each side. She cast on her first one last Saturday afternoon, and when I was at her house last night for supper, she showed me the 3 dishcloths she has completed so far ... and the scarf she cast on as well! It is really exciting to help someone learn who really enjoys it - and, of course, to draw another knitter into the fold!

UMM... of course, helping my SIL learn to knit dishcloths meant I would work on one with her (you know, team knitting - helping), so I am back on a dishcloth jag. I didn't get into the jag until Wednesday night when I went up to help her with a problem she had with her decreases, and -- this morning I cast on my 5th dishcloth. I am hoping to be able to stop at 6, but realize that with my track record, it may not happen until I hit 8 or 10. I have a compulsive personality, but at least it allows me to have a stockpile of gifts, and will take the pressure off next Christmas when I normally am scrambling to make a few cloths. I've been working through my cotton stash - used the remains of a big ball of Handicrafter in pink, orange, yellow (Playtime is the colourway, I think), and have made a dent in 2 other big balls I have (blue/tan/cream - By the Sea, and purple, teal, white - not sure of the colourway) ... this is a good thing - storage is a premium at my house and dishcloths at least store flat and take up way less space than full balls of cotton ;)

I've also been making Shrek hats again ... 2 knit so far, and one more hopefully soon. They are knit in Benat Chunky in Grass colourway.

I whipped up a couple of pairs of felted ballet/Mary Jane style slippers from a Patons booklet I have had for a while (I think it is "Felted Gifts"). The first time I knit the slippers, I misread the pattern, and screwed them up badly -- really short (I hope when I felt them they will fit a child, but they may be too wide for that (live and learn!). I am waiting to get another item or two done before I felt these, and once I do - felted pics will be posted.

Socks have been on my needles - a pair for my Dad's birthday in March, and a pair for me ... both are slow going as I haven't had a lot of time to work on them.

I also started a Minion at Knit Nite a few weeks ago (then promptly put him down and forgot about him, but he doesn't need much more work before he can be consideered a FO ... no pictures until he is done.

I think that's all I've been up to knitting wise. More later! Next time I post, there will be more photos. Promise!

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Donna M said...

Sounds like you have been very busy, especially sucking new knitters into the knitting vortex. Ravelry next maybe!?