Saturday, 24 January 2009

If you don't know what day of the week it is ... check my blog

I seem to post most (and mostly) on Saturdays ... which is odd, because most of the blogs I read regularly take their weekends off (I have a husband who works occasional weekends, and I find I have time when he's not home to do some blog catching up - plus, I don't work many weekends, so it is easier to blog on a Saturday than it is on, say for example, a Wednesday, where I have Knit Night and work).

So here I am again, third post of today ... why am I back, you ask? I already posted 2 FOs , and you know I am not that fast a knitter to have yet another FO.

I am back because I need help/advice ... T and I are travelling to Montreal by train soon, and I want some advice on what to do while we are there.

Have you been to Montreal? What were the things that you did that really stood out in you mind as wonderful? We don't have a clue where to go for a yummy meal, what to do for entertainment, or where the coolest shops are ... so give it to me! I want to know what we should be doing and where we should be sure to not miss, so we will have a memorable vacation. And you know, I don't have a clue where to go shopping for yarn ... and a girl can't hit a strange city without being armed with that bit of rudimentary knowledge ... help a sista out!

Since I missed my bloggiversary (yeah, I am a slacker -- the blog turned 2 on Jan. 10th, and the date passed unnoticed ... heh! heh! oopsie!), I am willing to turn this into a quickie contest, as we are leaving soon (ie; this week) on our trip ... lemme know what I CAN'T miss out on seeing/doing/eating, and I'll enter you in a draw for this skein of Cherry Tree Hill, Supersock (420 yards), in Spring Frost colourway

(on my monitor the colours are fairly accurate - it is mostly mauve, with light green, pink, a bit of peach, and a bit of blue)... very springy feeling, and perfect for socks or baby knitting (I have a lot of people in my life right now who are in the 'family way" so am much more conscious now that sock yarn is also delightful as baby yarn! Who'da thunk it!?!)

To enter the contest ... simply post your recommendations in the comments of THIS post ... I will be drawing tomorrow night (told you it was a quickie!) at 9:30 p.m. Nova Scotia time (January 25th).

If you haven't been to Montreal before, you can enter too - google Montreal and tell me what you would want to do/eat/see if you were going.

Thanks for the help, and good luck!


lexa said...

I have only driven through Montreal and saw it all fly-by. I can recommend that if you are in town Tuesday or Wednesday (don't know when you leave) come see T. He goes there once a year usually.

I did spend the night there, come to think of it, on the way home. We went to the Flying J truck stop. It's open to everyone, not just truckers. Not as good as the ones with the buffet, though.

Here's a link to some yarn shops there:

Looks like a trip through Old Montreal may be interesting. They've got some gorgeous old buildings.

Dorothy said...

I've always wanted to see the ice hotel that they build in Quebec. I think it's somewhere near Montreal.
My Montreal memories ... staying in the train station overnight because our connections didn't work out - 20 or so strangers sleeping on the floor of the washroom!!! Hubby driving through Montreal, me with my eyes closed cause the traffic was sooooo scarey! (don't even ask me about the tunnel) I was at the expo 67 site (in 68), but since I was only a year old don't remember that.
Enjoy your trip!

Carrie Ellis said...

I haven't been to Montreal yet myself, but it seems as if there are several museums / art galleries that might be quite neat. I see that the science centre has an IMAX theatre too.

But to be honest, if I were going I'd probably want to go to China town, a mall and scout out fabric and yarn shops. I'd also want to go skating on the river, but I think that's actually in Ottawa Ops!

Here are the google map yarn shops - looks like some are clustered together which will be handy.

Have a wonderful time!

Donna M said...

It has been many years since we stayed in Montreal but we very much enjoyed it. Both trips were to Expo games at the Big O, so we didn't get much else done.
I do recommend walking along St. Catherines St and Maisionneuve (sp), both of which are really neat streets with lots of people, restaurants, shops etc.
Whatever you do, you will have a fun time because you are on a holiday with your T!

trek said...

It's been a long time since we visited Montreal but you can't go there and not see the cathedral. It was under construction when I visited back in '93 or so but it was breakthtaking nonetheless.

Hit the yarn shops and the art galleries, too.

Anonymous said...


Been to Montreal a few times but not to the yarn shops. lists about 10 different yarn shops. Downtown Montreal is the coolest place and lots of good eating choices depending on what kind of food you like.

Don't forget your camera, it will be beautiful this time of the year.

Have fun!!

Marti said...

I know I'm too late, but that's okay, I don't need any more yarn anyway...hehehe. Anyhow, I've never been to Montreal but I just got a message on my Facebook wall that I thought would share. Apparently this place called BANQUISE on Rachel street has the best poutine around. If you like poutine that is. Have a great trip :)

Steph said...

Good heavens - all these people and no one has been there recently?

#1. It's colder in QC than here - dress warmly. I was there in February just a couple years ago - c-c-cold. Everyone is highly fashionable in Montreal, so you might feel silly in your hat, but screw it... you're not getting frost bite!

#2. St. Catherines is the shopping district. The January sales will be over soon, but it's still worth a visit. Simon is a great store - it's a department store with a huge price range. A great place to pick up bargains.

#3. You MUST MUST MUST have a smoked meat on rye sandwich while you are there. I don't care where you eat it (although there is a fine place on St. Catherines.) Seriously - it's soooo good, especially on a cold day.

#4. You should definitely go to Eggspectation in Old Montreal for breakfast. It's like Cora's only (gasp) better.

#5. You MUST, MUST, MUST get yourself some bagels at either St. Viateur or Fairmount. Bring enough home to share. They aren't the crappy, doughy, Gentile bagels you buy at the grocery store - these have huge holes, stick to your teeth and BEG for cream cheese. If possible, visit the shop and watch them make the bagels. My friend had to drag me out of there.

#6. If you have the opportunity, tour one of the historic churches. Totally worth the price of admission (and there is a price - these are huge churches and need a lot of upkeep).

#7. Old Montreal is beautiful - You should visit and wander around. It's beautiful.

#8. The Underground mall - this can save you from the cold. Learn where it is and how to access it. I think you can to it through Place Des Artes. Or Places Des Armes.

#9. Enjoy your time. Most shop keepers and restaurant staff speak English and French, so you'll be fine if you aren't fluent. A few Mercis and S'il vous plaits, as well as Je m'excuse, can break the ice, though.

#10. Take me with you? I love Montreal.