Saturday, 1 November 2008

For the love of all that's holey

Today was the lace workshop in Mahone Bay, taught by Lucy Neatby -- and all I can say is wow, that woman is quite the knitta!

We learned about reading charts, and how to make the holes in our lace look different -- we learned more than that too , but it is hard to explain without a chart! we knit a few different lace motifs on small scale samples, learned about making lace edgings, and how to attach them. It was a really enlightening workshop.

Lucy's samples were to die for! She is a wonderful lace knitter, and had samples there from throughout her life - we saw her first lace project (a really large shawl knit in a very fine yarn) as well as some of her more recent work in making holes knit over the past 18 months! (her most recent designs are the 2 sharves in the foreground , in the very bright colours - simply gorgeous!) She had lacework there knit from nearly cobweb weight to worsted ... it is amazing how much your choice of yarn can impact the size and appearance of lace. Knowing that it doesn't have to be knit on cobweb yarn, I am a little more likely to actually give it a whirl at some point in the future.

Since I missed taking any good pictures of these yesterday during the Socks Workshop Lucy instructed, I thought I should take advantage today, as Lucy had her sock samples there again today, so I took a few pictures of some of them. And I got her to sign my "Cool Socks, Warm Feet" book ... all in all a very exciting, educational two days!


Donna M said...

You are one up to date blogger!

lexa said...

Thanks! I'd been waiting impatiently for you guys to post stuff.