Sunday, 9 March 2008

Feeling productive

I had a pretty busy day ... I finished my socks (see previous post), and cooked for most of the day!

I rarely cook, and even more rarely make things ahead to freeze, so I am feeling quite pleased with myself ... I made Classy Chicken (curried chicken with broccoli), -- a big one for supper tonight (with leftovers maybe for lunch or supper tomorrow) and 2 little ones for T's lunchboxes (freezes like a dream!). Yum Yum! I love it and haven't made it in 2 or 3 years ... really missed it. This is a little weird, but it is my standard fix it and freeze it to take to the bereaved when someone dies (quick and easy, looks hard, tastes really nice, and frezes so well - and doesn't have hamburger -- everyone takes hamburger based casseroles when someone dies, and I figure the family is probably sick of tomato sauce and hamburger!!). Anyhow, noone has died in a long time, thank heavens, but I missed it so I made it just for us!

We had bought a big thing of lean ground beef when it was on sale on Friday, so I made up a batch of meatloaf (a big'un and 2 babies) and made up a batch of my favorite recipe for lasagna ... mades a ton, so we now have one lasagna in the fridge for our dinner one night this weeek (perhaps Knit Nite?), one in the freezer and 3 little 'uns for T's lunch box (I forgot to take their picture before packing them up for the freezer).

Feels good to be prepared, and not have to buy a quicky meal on the nights when I am in a rush ... we will have healthy homemade goodies that we can just reheat! (mind you, I didn't do a lick of housework today, besides this cooking rampage ... I hate to vacuum, and it shows. Maybe tomorrow! Tonight ... I am knitting on the Emerald sweater.


Donna said...

MmmmmmmMmmmmmmGood! Looks and sounds delicious! Maybe you should bring the Classy Chicken recipe to KN. We love curry at our house!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Those casseroles look great! Can you share the recipe?

lexa said...

Looks good! I know where I can go for food when I run out. :) (Just kidding, but I will be glad when he gets paid this week so I can hit a grocery store.)

Anonymous said...

The chicken casserole sounds awesome, I have to ask also if you can share the recipe??

Cindy from Mass