Wednesday, 1 August 2007

How to thank someone for the gift of painting in the heat?

Yesterday T and his dad primed and painted the hall that never ends ... when I came home from work, they had nearly finished the first coat, and had the clic-floor almost fully laid in the upstairs hall. And it was stinkin' hot yesterday!

T went back to work today, and last night when we were admiring the first coat, I realized it might be a long time before the house gets back to order because we are "very busy" all week, and the chances of squeezing in another coat of paint are pretty small. I don't like to nag, so I kept my mouth shut ... but I didn't sleep well worrying about it.

Well, when I came home for lunch, I noticed the smell of latex paint as I walked into the house, and thought that a few things were out of order ('cause the house was so tidy last night when we went to bed -- NOT!) -- but there was a mat that wasn't were it "goes" and some other things that weren't "right", despite the mess of renovations. Then I saw it --

the sign on the stairs :

In case you can't read it it says "Heather, 12 noon upstairs might not be fully dry . BC"

Aren't those the sweetest words you have ever heard? My hardworking father in law, left his day job as a financial whiz at the investment company he owns and pulled on his painting clothes to paint our unending hall -- ALONE (and on a plank -- in one part the walls are about 18 feet high) -- on a very warm day!
How do you thank someone for the gift of painting? I don't know if there are adequate words to express the gratitude! Thanks, Butch! (Edit: I wonder if he would like an autographed copy of a Yarn Harlot book? By the way, only 6 sleeps until She comes to Halifax! I am doubtful that he would enjoy it, but it was a good segue into the Harlot countdown!) *giggle*


monica said...

I need my house painted my kids can't seem to walk by the walls with out running their hands across them. I dread doing the staircase I will have to have help with that.

Cookie said...

What a fabulous father in law!

lexa said...

Aw, ain't he nice?!

Guess I'm going to miss Her. We are leaving on Monday for Alberta. I checked out the internet today and found three yarn shops in Calgary. I hope to get to at least one...

I felted my SWS bag and the Paprika bag tonight. I left the SWS bag go a little longer than normal, so it's a tad bit smaller than the Noro one, but I like it!

You'll never guess -- I missed the yarn rep yesterday. She popped in unexpectedly, I guess. There are a whole whack of new SWS colors coming out! There are a bunch of solids, and five or six stripey ones, but they stripe differently than the ones do now, kinda wider. Also there's Classic Wool Tweeds coming -- I LOVE tweeds! Bernat has a bunch of yarns coming out, too, that are more natural fibers. There's a bamboo, aplaca, wool for felting, and some others. She had samples but didn't leave any. K and M said they were really nice, especially the bamboo. Retail is $4.99, but they said they're only about the size of the Handicrafter. (If I remember on Friday I'm going to scan the color sheet of the new SWS and post on my blog. There's a crimson something one that I love, and I know you will, too. And there's a gorgeous solid mossy green.)

I'm starting the turquoise socks tonight. Hope to have leftovers for you Saturday!

Dorothy said...

I have a mission for you tomorrow.


Take her home with you. That way Nova Knitter and I can have a chance to meet her too.

Oh, on a more serious note. Have a great time tomorrow. Enjoy yourself. Have fun!!