Monday, 30 July 2007

A week to go ...

The Yarn Harlot is in Halifax a week from tomorrow -- woo hoo! All the details are up on her tour page, and I am getting off work early to go. I think we should be there in enough time to get a seat (the ballroom at the Lord Nelson can hold up to 300 in a theatre set-up, so hopefully they will prepare for lots of us! Even with getting off early, We won't get there until 5 p.m. at the earliest (and we'll be hitting Halifax at rush hour!) I hope we get a spot!

This is almost as exciting as when the Stones came to Moncton!

Ah, yes, we are currently doing a home improvement thingy with our house -- T. wants to redo the stairs and replace them with oak ones and paint the front hall which, because of the mostly open concept of the house, has no ending point until you hit the bedrooms upstairs, so it is a giant job. It hasn't been done since we did the whole home renovation/rebuild 11 years ago (at which point I recall hearing "I hope I never have to do that again"), so he is having to do a lot of crack filling, chip and hole repairs and other general fixer-upper stuff on order to paint before he gets the stairs ready (11 years of wear and tear).

While watching him work when I got home, we (well, it was me, but it sounds less bossy if I say "we") decided that it would be easier for him to paint the walls if he took up the carpet that is on them, since it will have to come up anyway. He tore up carpet, and I removed the underlay and pulled the staples that held the pad down. It looks better ... and wow , was it ever gross under the underlay (carpet is so dirty and disgusting ... about a 1/4 cup of sand/dirt had seeped through the carpet and down through the underlay onto the steps ... yuck! I guess that's what you get from having an old lady dog who loved swimming when she was a young 'un!)

No carpet on the steps now, and tomorrow the painting begins of the hall that never ends (ceilings up and downstairs were done today!) ... the house is a mess from shoving stuff everywhere out of the direct line of work! And the little bit of helping I did gave me blisters on every finger of my right hand -- but the house will look great when we are done! (I hope I can knit with blisters!)


lexa said...

The renovating sounds fun -- NOT! It will be nice when it's all done, though.

I have Paprika to make myself one of those bags. I'll have the leftover turquoise for you! I finished the i-cord on the blue bag today, so it's just waiting to be felted. I also finished my SWS bag and was working on the i-cord til I just remembered that I have to make T's lunchbox for tomorrow. Not used to him working locally very much.

I have to decide what my next things will be once these bags are done. I should do my Paprika one and felt it with the SWS bag. I also want to do the slippers this week. I think socks are next on the agenda. I need some socks. I suppose I should try Breeze before summer is over.

The Scarlet Tree said...

Oh gee, good luck I hate renovating. But is so nice when it is all done :)
Have a great time seeing th Yarn Harlot!!

Kris said...

Yikes - a hall that never ends? Good luck

Donna said...

Good luck with the reno. I hate painting! Gets everywhere and more on me than on the wall!

Have fun at the Yarn Harlot visit. Take pics so I can see wgat I misses.

Leaving tonight for the valley and the big day tomorrow!