Friday, 27 July 2007

Hot Hot Hot ... oohhh baby, it's hot!

I know talking about it won't change it ... but have you noticed it's been pretty hot these past few days? Yeah ... yesterday it was almost 91 F at 2:30 in the afternoon, tonight it is 86 F in the house and 79 F outside (it is 8:40 p.m. as I write this!) ... we have leather furniture -- and I am tired of hearing the "thhh-weuck" sound as I get out of it as little pieces of my legs stick to the leather.

Thankfully , our local weather is calling for rain this evening (40%) and rain or drizzle tomorrow (60%) - anything to help break the humidity! It is hard to knit when the yarn sticks to you everywhere it touches!

And I have some serious knitting to do - I am almost done my SP4 pal's socks. The yarn I needed following the "incident" finally came in and T picked it up for me yesterday. Now just to ream off the yarn to the point I ran out (we will not discuss why I ran out - oh, the trauma, and I can't go through the drama of it all in this heat!), and start knitting again.

Without looking at the sock, I think I ran out shortly after the gusset decreases and quite a ways before the toe decreases. So it should take a few hours, depending on what's on tv, to finish them off tomorrow evening (I am working tomorrow through the day -- and the humidex and temp had better go down, or I will be too cranky to knit when I get home!). I really want to get them in the mail on time ... I have most of the goodies to tuck in with them, but want to pick up a few other last minute things (I am a little concerned as it has been weeks since my pal has posted anything on her blog -- I hope everything is well in her world. I am a worrier).

I have heard from the person knitting for me - got a note from her/him a few weeks ago , letting me know the socks were done and waiting to be mailed! Keener! It is pretty exciting to know that not only will I get the excitement of waiting to see if the person I am knitting for likes their socks, I also get the surprise of a wonderful pair of socks knit for me! My Grandmother is the only person who ever knit socks for me (big thick scratchy Briggs and Little socks that I loved dearly! I think I still have a pair), so it is pretty exciting to anticipate what I will get from my mystery knitter - colour, length, pattern (I like all socks, so vanilla, cables, lace, sideways, toe up , cuff down -- all of them would be welcomed gratefully!) -- not knowing anything at all about them really adds to the fun of it for me -- it is fun to look at the blog and imagine which one might be mine. I can't for the life of me figure out who is knitting for me (and with a thousand members in this swap, I am not trying too hard to be a detective! I'll just fidget and wait!)

Although if the temp stays up, I will stay off the leather as i fidget - the noise is distracting!


Dorothy said...

I hope your weather prediction for tomorrow is right. I'll be spending the late afternoon/evening getting a roast beef dinner ready for a wedding reception. Rain would make it cooler for us in the kitchen. But then, don't want rain for the wedding - it's outside.
I just want it cooler!!!

lexa said...

Today is cooler than yesterday, but it's still hot! We went to the campground for the night, and I even went in the pool. There were a lot of people there, probably a dozen or more kids in the pool, and I usually don't go in if there's too many. But it was too hot for me to care! I guess my BIL bought an 18' wide, 4' deep pool, and we can use it whenever we want to. Tomorrow he wants us to come up to go swimming and have a bbq.

I still need to block my Pal's socks. I think I'll do that tomorrow night so I can pack the box up at work and have it all ready to mail. Looks like we won't be going to Alberta til the week after next. If it's any later than that I may not get to go. They mentioned the load delivering on the 14th. I wish they'd confirm it for sure so S knows when to ask for time off. Maybe I'll get T to ask the head honcho to try and get a definite answer this week so I can book my vacation, and she can book hers.

Must take the Littlest One outside. I patched their slip 'n slide, so he's waiting for me to set it up. The patch must be set by now. I'll work on my SWS bag in the shade. If the wool's too hot on the hands I'll start some cotton Breezes!

lexa said...

I have two skeins of turquoise, same dye lot as yours, to make a small pair of slippers, so I'll have some leftovers you can have. It probably takes maybe between 1/2 and 2/3. Probably you'd have enough to do the body of the bag, and my leftovers would do your i-cord. I had a fair-sized ball left over from the pink one. (Must remember to take the blue one to work tomorrow. It still needs the i-cord, and I think the lady who I got the pattern from is coming in to get help with hers.)

I'm hoping to make the slippers this week, before I go away. I am supposed to be working Saturday from 10:30-2:30ish. If I get them done I'll let you know, and maybe you can pick the yarn up at the store. If not I'll just leave it there with your name on it.