Thursday, 26 July 2007

Angels all around us!

that is really how hot it is today - which translates to 32.5 Celsius, which translates to "hot sticky gross heat and humidity". Today is the hottest day of the Summer so far.

But guess why I am wearing a scarf?

That's right ... my scarf arrived today from the ISE4 swap. Ivy, my Angel, seriously spoiled me - the scarf is made from Plymouth Baby Alpaca dk, in the pattern "Midwest Moonlight" from Scarf Style ... and is a gorgeous softy smooshy scarf, with a fun lacy garter stitch pattern's really purdy! and soft, soft soft ... and weighs absolutely nothing!

I was expecting a scarf only (Ivy is my Angel ... stepped in to knit for me when my original pal had to leave the exchange for personal reasons) ... my Angel already gave a scarf to another pal, but was sweet enough to offer to knit for someone who was partnerless, and i thought that the scarf was more than generous. But when I opened the package, there was so much more in the box, I was floored.
She sent me 2 balls of Noro Kureyon in colour 182(not on the chart, but quite similar to 180). I have never knit with Noro ... and the colour is soooo me (orange, green, turquoise, purple, pink! all my favs!)! I would have picked it out myself - I love it, and can't wait to get it on the needles!
Also tucked in there was lime green (my favorite of all colours) Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. Soo very pretty -- I will need a special pattern for those socks! To go with the lime theme -- I also got some delicious Movarian Keylime cookies ... so thin and limey, and yummm! (and now sadly - just a delicious memory!)

And to top it all off ... and I don't know how she knew this -- 'cause I don't recall writing about it anywhere -- but I love stationary (take me to a note card shop, and I am in heaven! and hours slip by in what seems like seconds) and I adore handmade quilts ... my grandmother was a huge quilter and I too have tried my hand at it -- I got a box of 25 postcards "the Quilts of Gee's Bend" (a community in Alabama!). Beautiful quilting, and interesting history!
Thank you, Ivy! You have so exceeded my expectations for this exchange ... the scarf is so soft and beautiful, and -- wow! the gifts are way too generous! You really are a sweet person -- I feel guilty having so much wonderful stuff! But I love all of it so much -- it is like you have known me for years!
*hugs to you!*
Contests out there in blogland ... the heat is rising and people are hot to give stuff away to fellow knitters ... check out these contests:
** Sheri at the Loopy Ewe is looking for your favorite childhood story (you could win a Loppy gift certificate!)
** Adam is looking for guesses as to how long it took him to read the final Harry Potter book (yarn is the prize!)
** You have until Friday to enter Turtlegirl's contest ... all you have to do is comment on her blog - in the contest thread, and you could win yarn -- the more entries she gets, the more yarn she'll draw for -- get over there!
** Alyson has a few contests going on -- help her to write her bio for the courses she is teaching in the fall, or tell her your worst knitting mishap (and back it up with a picture if you can) -- one of her courses is about being a strong brave knitter, and not being scared to try things (and she wants to show that sometimes knitters do screw it all up!) Email her your entries -- don't post them on her blog please.
** LaVerna at Ridiculous Obsession has a contest too -- name the movie her blog is named for and you could win yarn . Post about the contest on your blog with a link to hers and you get another chance to win.
** And I think a few of the contests listed a week ago on my blog are still going on (not promising anything -- check it out for your own-self!)
** There are more I have seen lately -- but I can't find them now - and it is stinkin' hot, so enter, be happy


Kris said...

Thanks for the tips about the contests.

BTW - Adam has closed comments on that post.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Awesome swag! And it was hot and sticky here today as well...ick!

lexa said...

You'd better keep that Cherry Tree Hill away from me -- I'd snap that up in a second! Gorgeous stuff -- the Noro colors are definitely you. The scarf is very pretty. (You'll have to pop it in to the store sometime so I can have a feel. I think I'm working Monday, then the rest is up in the air til I find out if that load is going to Alberta yet.)

Took pictures of my finished Sockapalooza socks tonight. I won't get them posted til tomorrow morning. All I need to do now is block them a bit. I have everything ready to go to my Pal except maybe a sweet treat of some kind.

Too hot today to stay in town -- we went to the beach for 5.5 hours. I worked on a new Booga in the same color as yours (SWS). Tomorrow we're off to the camper after noontime, hopefully there will be room in the pool!

Thanks for being contest central, too! :)

Donna said...

You have a very generous angel. The scarf looks very much like one I knit and is lovely!
Hot Hot Hot! Almost too hot to knit, but not quite!