Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Time flies ...

Only 5 months 'til Christmas ... have you got your Christmas knitting started yet? Me neither! Eeek! I also have 2 craft sales coming up before Christmas that I knit, do up jams, and paint for -- where is the time going? Gotta get myself organized and get started ... any suggestions for something fun and funky to knit for the craft shows? I have knitters block! (one year I sold a whack -- like 30 - of the eyelash scarves, another year girls hats in Sidar Snowflake were a hit, felted purses, hats and slippers another year) -- I am not sure yet what this year's theme/concept will be.

For last year's Christmas sale, I didn't knit anything new, but sewed an army of 20 snowmen ... sold every single one of them! Now I have to start brainstorming and thinking (I hate thinking ... lol!)

The Yarn Harlot comes in 12 days ... and I can get the time off work to go! Wooo! Hooo! Now comes the difficult part -

what to wear? too warm for wool socks, or cotton socks for that matter! And Aside from a Fleece Artist Goldie Locks shawl or a Patons Divine poncho (way too warm, and the poncho isn't really in style anymore -- plus -- MOHAIR IN AUGUST!! ugggg!), both knit years ago, I don't have any "clothing" knit for me (so may feel horribly out of place! I wanna be like all the cool kids!)
I didn't ask permission to use this but it is from the Yarn Harlot's blog ... and is Alyson of The Yo Yo Knits modelling her wedding stockings; A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHAT THE "COOL KIDS ARE WEARING"-- it is too stinking hot here now to wear something like that, but even if it wasn't , I have never knit myself anything fabulous like that! Aside from a few pair of socks, all my stuff has been given away to family or friends - I don't knit for me, and now I am kicking myself, wishing for a cute little short sleeved cardigan, or a pretty little tank top ... who'd have thought the Harlot coming would be so stress inducing?) gahhh.
what to take to knit? I want to knit something fun that I will keep, so I can remember "that was what I was knitting when I saw Her" but not something so complex that I will need to be focused on the pattern and distracted from Stephanie, but not something so simplistic that if she were to ask me what I am knitting (if I was one of the lucky ones who gets to speak with her) that I wouldn't be embarrassed and hold up a needle with 12 stitches cast on and no knitting whatsoever - ahh the pressure! And i think I would probably be very distracting to the Harlot and the people there to see her if I took the drop spindle (with my arm flailing in the air and the muttered "Dammits", it would probably take away from the experience for everyone), so no spinning that evening.

what to buy? I have none of Her books - just started blogging in January, and discovered Her shortly after and want all of them (well, I guess then, that is one worry I won't have -- I will get all Her books! whew! I love it when decisions are obvious!)

Luckily, I don't have to try to figure out who would want to go with? My friends J. and K. both want to go, and seem really excited to go on another knitting adventure (it is soooo cool to have knitting friends - my boss looked at me really oddly when I said I wanted some time off to go to a book signing for a woman who writes knitting books -- I guess it's all what you are into! I wouldn't get excited if he told me he saw Jean Gegare (is that how you spell it?) or some other hockey dude somewhere.)

I am so psyched! This is going to be a lot of fun (and I am joshing about the stress .... mostly). It is quite exciting to have the one and only Yarn Harlot come to Halifax, NS!


lexa said...

If something happens and that the load gets postponed again and I'm here that day I wanna go, too!

I don't have any summer knits. All I have is socks, winter wear, and a sweater.

I finished my Sockapalooza socks tonight. Well, all I need to do is graft the toe of the second one. Then I'm done! Hopefully will have pics tomorrow. I want to get some outdoor pics early before it gets too hot. Tomorrow may be a beach day.

Donna said...

I am so jealous! I want to go too. But new knee is top priority so I will stay home and do my exercises!

Dorothy said...

I'm jealous too! It's parade night here, have to go to that or my daughter won't forgive me!

What sales do you do at Christmas time? I've got no idea what to get made up for the one that I go to.

monica said...

You are so lucky to get to see The Harlot. Good Luck on your craft fair brainstorming