Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Hmmm .... how can I put this delicately?

CRAP!!!! Big stinky piles of crap!!!

Now that I have that out of my system -- ahhhh, I feel a little better. Not much better, but a little bit.

The reason for my crap-fest is that I finally got inspired (shamed, actually) into deciding to finish my Sockapalooza 4 Pal's second sock (I had stalled in the gusset decreases for about a month, and today got word from the person knitting socks for me that my socks are now done and waiting to be mailed -- so I felt guilt, embarrassment and a bit ashamed of myself for procrastinating.) So picked up the pattern and needles and was knitting away quite happily on the pattern -- and looking like I would be done in 2 evenings of leisurely, unhurried knitting -- then the crap-saster happened.

There is a knot in my second ball of yarn.

A *&$%)!@# knot!

And to make it worse, about 5 yards of yarn are missing following the knot. How do I know this, you ask? Well, I desperately wound off the remaining yarn and measured. Crap! The LYS that I bought the yarn in is a 90 minute drive away (round trip) and they are closed this evening, and I am working all week (and a few evenings this week too! (Have I mentioned my feelings about the knot?!) And the first ball was perfect -- no stinkin' knots, nothing to lead me to think this horror would happen to me! (too dramatic? maybe a little!)

Shoot! I had a really good flow going, and was sooo totally back into the pattern, and psyched about having them done by bedtime tomorrow nite. I hope I can get back my mojo again when I get the yarn on Saturday (I am not evening considering the possibilities if they don't have any of the colour/dye lot left -- not allowing that thought to enter my mostly happy mind -- La! La! La! ... crap! now it is in there! Shoot -- I hope they have it in stock.

*** Let's see, I hate to complain ... leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and is really no fun for anyone reading/listening to me -- so let's wind this down on a positive note -- Did I mention that my Sockapalooza 4 Pal contacted me today to announce that my socks are done? My Pal lives in Canada (like me), likes chocolate (like me), and has knit me a pattern from Knitty (I did that for my pal too!) .... we are so much alike, we might even be related! (heheh!) Or maybe I am my own partner! (heheh!)

Nah! My pal is too organized to be me or related to me -- my pal is done the socks already! Wow! How cool is that? I am feeling very lucky and content in my world (and of course, if you know me, I am absolutely beside myself with curiosity and the burning desire to KNOW WHO IS MY SECRET KNITTER and WHAT THEY HAVE KNIT FOR ME!!!!!

Another bit of pleasantness - Last week, I had been feeling a bit neglected and unloved (hang tight, I am ditching the negative again!) because my ISE4 Pal had some unexpected life issues come up and was unable to meet her commitment to knit me a scarf -- so lowness had ensued. But I got word from Stripey Tiger , the hostess, that an Angel was being sent my way ... there are a bunch of sweet knitters who offer to save pals like me, who end up with no scarf because life intervenes for our knitters! Can you believe there are people out there who are that kind-hearted? My Angel has already knit a scarf for a pal, and most likely received one from her pal, and now has knitted something lovely for me! People really are good hearted, eh?

There ... now I feel better about the incident I was raving about earlier, and am confident it will work out!

(and now I want to pay forward all the niceness I feel about my SP4 Pal and My ISE4 Angel!)

Edit: I found a few more blog contests ... this one (seems easy enough if you read her books), and this one (awesome prizes, and all for just knitting a project!), and there is this one too (the contest is on until Friday -- SO GET OVER THERE AND ENTER! be sure to mention that Heddy sent you, and I could win too! - you know it's all about me! LOL!) and of course, I mentioned this one before, but it is still on until Monday, July 16th (same deal -- mention where you found out about the contest, and I could win something too!)
Those are all the contests I am aware of now -- but I will let y'all know if I find anymore!


lexa said...

Y'know, stuff like that makes me want to use my winder and do up all of my self-striping yarn really carefully and check for those situations. I never think about doing it, but I can imagine what I'd go through if I came across a knot not properly joined like that. I like matching stripes, and if I was knitting for someone else, like you, I'd be mortified! Fingers crossed that they have the dye lot you need. (I'll be working Saturday if you wanna stop in on your way home and let me know...)

I worked on my Pal's socks a bit this evening. I feel bad that they aren't done, as she's finished her Pal's. It won't take long now. I'm not working on anything else except for the Boogas til they're done. The new yarn I got today is pushing me. I really want to use one of the skeins up right away!

The Scarlet Tree said...

HI Heddy!!
Oh gee, what a bugger about the yarn! I'm sure the socks will be lovely in the end of all the drama:)
It is such a shame to hear that you Pal wasn't about to finish the swap, but wonderful that someone is going to angel a gift for you! I agree, what a generous and kind thing to do.

Donna said...

I absolutely hate it when that happens! I have the same thing happen with my Vest #2. I started both shoulders in the same spot the the front would balance and then LO! the dreaded knot! Not quite as disasterous on the vest as it will be on a sock.
Too bad I didn't see this earlier. I just returned from the city with a side trip to Have A Yarn! I could have got the yarn for you!