Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Now what?

ok ... so you may have read my crabby post from last night , and thought -- Get over it and move on -- 'cause that's what I thought as I walked away from the computer. Easy problem to fix -- just go get more yarn. A bit inconvenient, but doable!

Still a bit miffed by the knot, hereafter to be refered to as 'it", off to the laundry room I went, fuming about "it" and trying to wrap my head around the clothes I needed to wash for an event the next day (today). Distracted by cranky thoughts of "it" , I plunged my hands into the wooden bin hamper to retreive my dirty clothes for the wash, (If you are queasy, or found the toenail story of a month ago traumatising, look away now, or go play with your kitty, or knit, just don't finish reading this blog!), missed the inside of the bin, and bashed my left index finger very firmly down on the 1 inch plywood edge of the laundry bin.

I nearly passed out, it hurt so much . I am not sure if it is broken, cracked, or just really sore ... too scared to go to the doctor ... hurts to not have constant pressure on it and the nail is broken horizontally half way down across my nail bed. I ran to the kitchen to show T, once I got my wind back and was sure I could still see. He said the appropriate comforting things, had a look-see and determined I would live through it. As I turned to go finish the laundry , and curse "it" for causing yet another disaster, I tripped over one of T's workboots, and tore the afore mentioned toenail completely off. (warned ya! you should be playing with yer kitty right now!)

In case you are keeping score, "it" is 3, Heddy, a great big zero !!

Unfinished socks, a finger that I can't type, knit, or do dishes with (well, there is at least one bright spot!) -- now what?

Anyone want to be my surrogate knitter?

** I promise - tomorrow will be a better post -- 2 posts in a row with no pictures, and a negative vibe in them, is just not right!! Tomorrow will be a cheery post with lots of pictures, I swear on a stack of merino!


lexa said...

And I thought I had bad luck! I think I'll start calling you Schleprock! There must be a dark cloud over your house.

Hope you heal up fast!

Alyson said...

YOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Jeezus! I'm sorry - that blows! (And you really should go to the doctor, you know. Just had to throw that in there.) Heal fast!!!

monica said...

i am cringing as I am reading. I will knit for you, no problem. I hope everything heals quickly so you can get back to knitting but i would hold off on the dishwashing thing for as long as possible

Dorothy said...

I'll make you a deal. You go to the doctor about your finger (and possibly that toe?) and I'll go about my possible cracked rib.

Gotta tell you, the past week I've been crying, cranky and hard to get along with. I DID NOT want to turn 40. But yesterday ended up being OK. It wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. Of course hugging a palm tree with a drink in my hand would have made it better :)

Tina in Wonderland said...

WARNING. . . WARNING... Friday the 13th is only hours away. With the kid of luck your are having I would suggest staying in bed, hidden under the covers, for the next 24 hours!!

I hope your finger is better. I can't believe your unlucky streak! Hhmmm, I wonder if somebody out there has a voodoo doll with your name on it?!

Donna said...

OK. I hurt for you! Been there done that bought the t-shirt!
Just remember that today is Friday the 13th and go wrap yourself in cotton batting till midnight!