Friday, 13 July 2007

It's my Job ...

and I love it!

No, I am not a hooker (although, I can see how that might be your first guess! ;) ), I work in Municipal Recreation and today was Diva Day (the outfit I am wearing is not my regular work-wear -- but I probably should wear it everyday based on the number of "Love your outfit" coomments I got today -- of course most of them were from 6 year old girls! ~ Edit: in case you are wondering, the outfit is "cheetah" print, right down to the last detail - headband, waist scarf, babydoll top and 3 inch platform shoes. And I went to the grocery store on my way home from Diva Day -- I hope no-one I knew saw me! And if they did, I'm sure they thought I was Mariah Carey or Paris Hilton! heheh!)

Diva Day is a day we plan for little girls aged 5 - 8 years in which we treat them like a diva for a day -- we go for all the girlie stuff (on-site hairstylist, manicures, makeup, glitsy glam crafts, make your own BLING bracelets, and a decadent strawberry shortcake tea party.) We all dress in our "Diva Finest" -- glitz, bling, and showy all the way baby -- and have a blast with these little darlings! This is one of the reasons I love my job! (It doesn't get any better than this!)

Edit: I have a knitting enabler ... I sent T to the LYS to remedy the knot problem I encountered with my SP4 pals socks (btw, my finger is still sore to type with, but I am suffering on in spite of the pain!) and he came home without the yarn I needed === but he did come home with these

none of which look like the yarn I sent him for. He tells me they are out of the colour I need (will be in a week from Monday) and that he couldn't come home empty handed from a visit to a yarn store with me expecting to get yarn. Even though the yarn I got isn't what I expected -- I wasn't expecting anything since what I needed isn't in stock!

FYI the Fabel is colour 671, and the Austermann is colour 07 (which looks nothing like the picture in the colour chart!)

I got me a keeper, ladies == and , no, I don't share!


lexa said...

Sounds like fun! I had a use-turkey-baster-and-roll-of-paper-towel-to-clean-up-flim-bleach-mess day. Friday the 13th it was! Then it was filling all of the chemicals in the film machine. By myself. (Even though someone who's name starts with a K offered to help but didn't.)

Are you going to Have a Yarn tomorrow? I have to work 9-4 since Jess can't work tomorrow. That sucks, hope it isn't too slow. Going to take my Sockapalooza socks to work on.

Cookie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Although, I think you need a big fab hat for that outfit. ;^)

lexa said...

Is that the brighter green Austerman? Not the same you already had. If so, that's the one I have. I may make Belle Maman socks (like my Sockpal's socks).

Alyson said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!! (And you look super-cute!)

Good hubby, good hubby! He gets a cookie or something, right? He should totally get a cookie. Or a cupcake.

monica said...

What fun. I know my youngest would love a day like that at parks and rec. And lucky, lucky you, my hubby would have come back with nothing, relieved he didn't have to add to my yarn stash.

The Scarlet Tree said...

What a lovely idea! OMG my hubby would never go look for yarn! LOL

Donna said...

What a fun day! The kids must have had a ball.
Hope your finger is well enough to knit by now!