Tuesday, 17 July 2007

She's coming ... She's coming!

It's true ... she is coming! In less than a month, she will be here! Ohhhh ... I hope I can get the day off work! (I wonder why she's coming to Halifax? I wrote to her publicist several month ago, telling her about how great Nova Scotia is, how many knitters there are, and some of the cool local dyers there are in NS and NB -- but never heard anything else back -- and then wrote her again -- but still nothing! It would be cool if I helped to make the decision! I probably didn't, but I will tell myself I did! LOL!)

Did I mention -- She's Coming?

In other exciting news -- I won a contest! And found another blog with a contest -- the winner can choose the colour they would like Shelly to dye their skein! Sweet! I am also making good progress on a pair of cotton socks (more on them later!)


lexa said...

DANG IT ALL TO HECK! I'm most likely on my way or in Alberta when she's here!!! DANG IT, DANG IT, DANG IT!!!

Congrats on the contest win!


Did you hear any more about your Sockapalooza yarn?


Tina in Wonderland said...

Congrats on winning the stitch markers on that contest!

I'm working on some Breeze socks, too. I'm having fun with the pattern so far but I'm still on the first sock's heel flap. Can't wait to see pics of how your's come out!

Dorothy said...

She comes on the first day of our Exhibiton - no way I can go to Halifax that day :(
Go, kidnap her, bring her to Shelburne!!!
Congrats on the win!