Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Lucky few days at the post office! and other happy things!

Yesterday, this arrived in the mail for me from Pick Up Sticks

(I took advantage of her 25% off 'pre-moving to a physical store' sale last Thursday. I love all of it! The roving is so pretty -- a 4 oz. bump of Fat Cat Knits roving in On the Town. My Friend J got the 'Lounge Lizard' colourway ... so pretty!
The yarn is Fleece Artist's Somoko in U and W- I think. Sooo soft! It is a washable silk/kid/merino blend, and I am keen to get a pair of socks knit, or maybe a funky scarf. The purple/plum, rust one just screamed my name, and at 25% off, I couldn't leave her there! All alone.)
Today I went to check the mail, and lo and behold, there was a package for me from Yellowknife, North West Territories -- it turns out my pal for Sockapalooza 4 lives there! Her name is Anne (Natural Fibres) and she is a sweet thoughtful woman!

She sent me a lovely package -- a postcard of her town, a pretty photographic card of an Inukshuk, a NWT pin, a bag of buffalo droppings (actually chocolate covered coffee beans - I can't wait to tear into them - coffee and chocolate are my 2 favorite things, and I love choc covered beans!!) -- and the piece de resistance -- my socks!!!

They are gorgeous ... knit in a beautiful turquoise Opal Uni Solid sock yarn (Colour #29), they are Anne's first attempt at lace (but I think she might be fibbing -- she has done a gorgeous job!) The pattern is Hedera (by Cookie A). They are so soft, and the colour is so pretty ... and to top it off, they fit me to a T.

I will try to get a better picture (taken by someone other than me!) later or tomorrow -- they are gorgeous and I want to show them off, and can't seem to get a good angle while they are attached to me -- not bendy enough!)
Thank you so much Anne for the very thoughtful package! I love it all , and really do appreciate everything!
In other happy news, the renovations are progressing along nicely ... T is on vacation this week (I am not) and he and his dad seem to be able to do anything! I came home Monday to no stairs at lunch time, and at 4 ... Curly was testing out the first of our new pine stairs. Once it had met with Curly's approval, the fellas could proceed with the work at hand. All 12 steps have been built now and the varathaning will begin tomorrow (we are aiming for at least 5 coats, but would like more since we have 4 critters who like to do the time trials for the Indy on the stairs.Every. Night.)
Speaking of critters ... our old lady dog, Elvis, turned 14 years old yesterday. We got her when she was only 2 weeks old (she was a rescue) , and her eyes had just opened a day or so before! She had no teeth, and we had to feed her from a baby bottle (carnation milk) for the first 6 weeks we had her -- every 4 hours , just like a baby. And she is my baby, it's just now she's getting to be my old lady baby dog. She's my beauty and I love her to bits. Happy birthday Elly!
Tomorrow, a few WIPS.


lexa said...

birthday to Elvis!

Nice looking Hederas, definitely your color. Isn't it neat to find out where your Pal lives?

Steph said...

Cool socks.

When your hubby and FIL are done at your place, can I hire them?

Donna said...

Belated happy birthday to your dear old dog! She looks gorgeous.

And congrats on all your incoming mail. I love the socks! The yarns not too shabby either!

Michele said...

Cute socks. Did you ever get the stitch markers you won? I won too and I never got mine...