Saturday, 20 March 2010

Grinning from Ear to Ear!

I am someone who isn't nuts about winter - I don't get excited about snow (unless it is the first one of the season, or at Christmas), have a deep dislike of the cold, and really am not crazy about the shorter days and decreased sunlight that comes in the Winter. So - needless to say, I am quite happy that Spring appears to be coming. And I have evidence of it, and hope that Mother Nature isn't trying to play an evil trick on me!

Evidence the first - there is not one spot of snow in my yard ... not one! There is no mound of dirty, icy, hard mostly white stuff in sight anywhere in town! Whoo hoo!

Evidence the second - last weekend was "time change weekend" - I sprung all the clocks forward, and now wake up to sunshine (at 6:45 a.m.) and it is just starting to get dusky at about 7:45 p.m. YAY! Love the longer days!

Evidence the second -- I live on the route of the major walking trail in our community, and over the past two weeks, the traffic past my house has increased dramatically -- bikes, walkers, runners, and people pushing baby carriages. And Let me comment on the number of people pushing strollers -- wowsers! the baby/toddler set are out in force - practically every other person out and about on foot is a wee one in a stroller, and rarely are the moms, dads or grandparents alone -- the day before yesterday it was like a baby parade (4 strollers in a row). And the walkers, runners and stroller crews start their trek on the trail as soon as the sun goes up and continue for a few hours after the sun goes down because ...

Evidence the third -- it is getting WARMER!!!! Yesterday, it was 13 degrees Celsius! Our nighttime temps are hovering around the freezing point, enough to give frost on the car windows, but not enough to make the ground frozen ... lovely! and because the frost has come out of the ground ...

Evidence the fourth ... Spring has Sprung, the flowers have riz!

signs of Spring!
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and when you go outside, you can smell all the Springness in the air!


Donna M said...

Please let it continue when we get home next weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yeeesss !!!!! SPRING !!!!!
Anne P

lexa said...

We were in Halifax for the weekend, and one of the building signs said Friday was +17C, and yesterday was a bit better than that. We went to Point Pleasant Park while waiting for the next game, and let me tell you there were people everywhere! Unfortunately today was a lot cooler, and by the look of the forecast this coming week isn't going to be as nice as it has been. But fingers and toes are crossed that there is no more snow!! (And I've got daffodils, lilies, and tulips up.)