Saturday, 16 May 2009

A few new Favorite Things!

Over on Ravelry, I've been taking part in the past 2 Favorite things Swaps. Currently we are on Swap 3, and earlier this week, I got my parcel from my pal (she's from Louisiana - her Ravelry id is AmazonBattleVixen).

Part of the rules of the swap are, you are supposed to send your favorite things to your pal -- sort of a way to share something about yourself, and spread the word about cool things. One of the requirements is that one of the items MUST be handmade (not necessarily by you, but handmade!). My pal is very crafty (she sent me 2 things!) - she made me really cool stitch markers (they are so chic - I love the weight, the look and the words on them … ‘Patience’, I may need to use that one more than the others ;) I love stitch markers, they are so useful, and don't get ratty or lost as easily as a scrap of yarn!). She also knit me a really beautiful pouch (perfect for storing special things - I have lots of small things that it would be perfect to help me stay organized!).

She also sent me two types of yarn that I have never used before in rich dark colours that I LOVE … Berrocco Suede, and Araucacia Uma. The purple cotton is such a rich deep colour, I could just stare at it all day. And the green Suede ... the perfect shade of olive/moss/earthy green -- so perfect for me. I've not knit with either of these yarns, and look forward to finding the perfect pattern to make something from them.

I don’t know if this was intentional, or not, but she sent me a lot of B’s (Her real life name starts with a B so maybe it was intentional?!)- and I didn’t pick up on it until I was typing this post (berrocco, bag/pouch and some others I will list) - whether a mostly B theme was intentional or not - everything is Beautiful!

She sent a beautiful picture of the bayous in Louisiana (where she lives) - I have never been there, but have been pushing T for the past three years to take our vacation at Mardi Gras in New Orleans (usually right around my birthday!).

I also got a selection of really pretty silver buttons - as you may have noticed, I make a lot of purses, and they will be perfect for them. They were packed in a pretty round box (brown and blue) with the stitch markers. She also sent me Toberone bars ( a big one, and a bag of Tiny Toblerones – they are so cute … I have never seen the Tiny Toblerones - so little and cute!).

I really enjoyed reading the note she sent too -- explaining about her favorites, and how she tailored them to fit my tastes too -- she's such a thoughtful pal!
Thank you for the terrific parcel filled with your favorites, B … now that I have taken pictures, and blogged it all - I can get into the parcel and start using everything (I can't wait!!)


Donna M said...

How lucky are you to get all those nice treats!!!

lexa said...

Wow, great package. :)

skeinsherway said...

Oh yummo! I haven't had a Toblerone in way too long. I've loved them ever since the summer after 6th grade when I had my first Toblerone at Norwegian camp... Yummy memories!

Happy knitting-