Sunday, 11 January 2009

Fibre Retreat Update

Since posting a few days ago about the possible Fibre Retreat, some important details have been finalized ... I've copied some info from Sharon's emails, and compiled them as one big thingy here. There are a few details that are different/new than the Ravelry info I have been posting. Enjoy!


I felt we all need a mental uplift after a long winter. My thoughts were to keep it simple and relaxing for ALL, hence we will not have workshops ~ bring your own projects and have FUN!! You may move about the resort at your leisure, meet new people, exchange ideas, show and tell, and learn from each other. This is why the event is not structured… The format is taken from NETA’S, Spa, Knit & Spin which started in Portland, Maine, February 2003. Their motto is “Keep It Simple, Sweetie” K.I.S.S.

Yes, there will be door prizes!

We are hoping for a great turn out and White Point is looking forward to hosting our retreat in the years to come…Once again this is not structured - if you are new to your craft the room will be full of mentors ~ don’t be bashful. ~ this is to be a weekend of total relaxation…

Sharon (the enabler)

White Point Beach Resort, Liverpool, NS
April 3, 4 & 5th

Fibre Arts Retreat Package Prices:
$79.50 per person, double per night
$124.50 single per night
This price includes Saturday Breakfast ~ Saturday Dinner ~ Sunday Breakfast…

Also: If you prefer they have one bedroom cottages from $191.50 single per night, $109.00 per person double per night…
Rates are subject to a 12% gratuity and 13% HST
i.e. Based on the above, if a couple were coming for the 2 nights, the price in a room (including 2 breakfasts, dinner) would be $318.00 plus tax and gratuity…

Day visitors are welcome, but meals will be on your own. Restaurant is on premises.

We will have our own “Art” room to gather in… Wheels, etc maybe left here overnight…
There will be Theme Weekend Activities (maybe wine tasting???). The indoor heated saltwater pool and hot tub, games room, fitness centre and our nightly live entertainment in the Founders Lounge will also complement your stay. Don’t forget to walk on the beautiful beach! The Ocean Spa is also available for those seeking spa treatments which can be booked individually.

The White Point Beach Resort has set aside 20 rooms. I suggest that you book early to be sure they will have enough rooms available. We are already up to 25 people…

To make your reservation call: White Point Resort ~ 1-800-565-5068

Tell them you are with the Fibre Arts Retreat!


Dorothy said...

Well, Shoot!!
April 3rd - I'm in charge of organizing a fund raising dutch auction happening that night
April 4th - 4-H County Rally (I have to be there!)
So ... maybe I'll run away for the day on the 5th?

Donna M said...

Glad to hear Day visitors will be welcome. I should be able to get there for part of a day. Any cost or registration necessary for that?

Heddy said...

I don't think there is any cost for day visitors (except your food and if you want something to drink) -- I'll check with Sharon to confirm and post something in the next couple of days.