Saturday, 12 January 2008

Nearly 2 weeks into 2008, and no FO yet

Well, I got off to a great start for the 2008 Knitting, started a man sock over the Christmas Break, and had one done before New Year's Eve, so was fairly optimistic that I would have a second man sock done by the 5th or 6th of January. Life takes unexpected twists and turns and sometimes the knitting Gods and Goddesses like to intervene and make merriment with the lowly knitter. Do you see a picture of the man socks?

Me either ... the first one is still done, and the second was 3/4 finished, when I noticed a mistake and tinked back the gusset decreases to the heel flap, and it so upset me, that I haven't taken it up again yet.

To have something to knit on the recent Knit Nite road trip, I started a pair of socks for me ... one done, the other, limboing away in my knitting bag -- I am such a slacker!

Let's see, what else haven't I finished yet -- well, I fell in LOVE with Marti's tam from Knitty, cast on the next afternoon. Knit through the night, part of the next day, took it to Knit Nite to show the girls... and discovered that there was no way blocking it would stretch it from the infant sized hat I knit to fit the melon head I have, so it got frogged. When I got home, I courageously cast on another (going up to size 4.5 and 5 mm needles from the 3.5 and 4 mm needles the pattern suggests). See the picture of it ?

Yeah, me neither. Frogged -- still too small after knitting half of it. I thought maybe there is a problem with the pattern, checked Ravelry ('cause hundreds of people are making them), and found out that I am a tight knitting freak ... people are actually making them on smaller needles than the pattern calls for! Maybe my head is enormous? So that yarn is now on time-out in my knitting basket.

Depressed about the lack of progress ... on a diet ... must go now to eat lettuce to calm my nerves!

This has nothing to do with my lack of knitting ... just a pretty picture I took a few years ago -- I hate to post with no pictures.


Knitting Mama said...

I love Sunflowers! They're my fave flower to photograph! Do you have them in the maritimes? They're so few here... if any!

lexa said...

That tam was waaayyy small that you had at Knit Nite. You really must be a tight knitter! I think I'm pretty well average. I used to knit loose, but now it seems I'm not too loose, not too tight.

I know the feeling about knitting large man socks! T wears a 12-13. At least for him it's usually work socks, so it's heavy yarn and knits quickly. Got my fingers crossed that the gift Austermanns will be ready for Friday, but the recipient has big feet, too. We'll see.

Have fun at spinning! I forgot about that, so I don't suppose I'll get any visits from local knitters today. :(