Saturday, 12 January 2008

How I Spent My Day

I had a really awesome day ... today was the "Learn to Spin Wool into Yarn" workshop with Sharon Orpin and Anne. This is a workshop that I coordinated through work (I love my job -- I get to do such neat things), and J. and I helped Sharon and Anne by being Spinning Mentors (aka ... there for moral support for the newbie spinners, and to help people in the interim until Anne and Sharon could assist). For the regular readers of the blog, you will remember Sharon from here and here... she taught J. & I to spin this summer with a different Anne than I met today.

The 8 folks who took the workshop seemed to enjoy it ... we focused on the drop spindle today and spun with merino and corriedale combed top wools. There is a lot to learn in a fairly brief time, but I think everyone learned "how to do it".
Some people really caught the bug ... Marti, have you spun through your spinning stash yet?
Sharon asked participants to do some homework ... I think her exact words were "I want you to go home and spin as much as you can, ply it and bring it back next week" -- for the truly obsessed, "as much as you can" can take on astronomical proportions! I am thinking there are a few people so bitten by the spinning bug who will come back next Saturday having spun enough yarn to knit a sweater, with fibre freed by combing their pets bald, stealing the cotton from all the Aspirin bottles in their homes, emptying the lint trap in their dryer, and delinting every bellybutton in the house!

This is a good thing ... it is good to have new spinners to share the obsession with! J. and I want to do a fibre road trip soon, and will need additional sidekicks!
More on knitting later ... I think we are going to the movies in Bridgewater tonight (debating between National Treasure -- I loves me some Nicholas Cage, mmm, mmm! and Juno -- which is getting raves everywhere, but I am scard it won't live up to the hype.) Check in tomorrow to see what we saw and how much sock I got knit during the movie!


lexa said...

Didja know that the girl in Juno is from Lockeport? Her family had the corner store up the road from my brother. Well, it was her grandfather's, I believe. Think her dad lives in the city now. But like me, she's part Lockeportean and has loads of relatives there.

The spinning looks like it was fun! Too bad I missed out. Oh, well. Maybe another time.

Marti said...

You're such a clever little fuzzed out the names on the name tag! Thanks so much for putting the workshop was a hoot, and yes, I came home and spun up some of the coloured roving and some more white and then plied them together. Haven't gone through the whole kit yet, that's for later today. I was so into it that we had to go out for supper...there was no way I was stopping to cook! Anyhow, count me in for a fibre road trip if you get around to it.

Donna said...

Glad your workshop went so well.
Looks like everyone had fun and of course Marti would pick it up quickly.

Can you see in the dark? There is no way I could knit at the theatre!