Friday, 11 January 2008

And the Winner is ...

you know I can't just out and tell you -- from all the contests I have seen in blogland, that is a definite no no! And I am a follower of the pack! Thanks to everyone who entered, and to anyone who reads what I write and follows my knitting life ... its been a fun first year! I look forward to sharing many more knitting adventures with you.

I took all the entries who suggested patterns (and there were a lot of nice ones -- thanks! They are all in my favorite's list!) I was not struck by the urge to knit any of them immediately ... so the Fleece Artist Country Mohair was not awarded that way. I can't keep it now though, because I had offered it ... so it too will be awarded by random draw.

The winner of the Fleece Artist Country Mohair is Knitting Momma.

The winner of the Fleece Artist sock yarn is Donna.

Congratulations ladies!


Marti said...

Oh sure, award the sock yarn to the non-sock knitting knitter! (jk...congrats to Donna!)

lexa said...

Congrats to the winners! That's a way to get Donna back to knitting socks. Remember the other night she mentioned maybe knitting socks again!

Donna said...

It was an honour just to have been nominated. Thank you! And socks are in the very near future now for sure!