Thursday, 10 January 2008

Last day to enter!

Today is the last day to enter my blogiversary contest ... all you have to do is to put a comment in the entry I am linking to, telling me about your favorrite fun knit (and either a link to a picture of it, or to information about the pattern). I am looking for something fun to cast on!

Fleece Artist yarns are the prizes ... go read about it, and get your entry in!

This weekend is Part 1 of the Spinning workshop I am coordinating, with Sharon Orpin, spinner in residence for the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. We have 8 participants, and it is going to be fun! There is still space, if you live nearby and want to take part.
This is my first mini skein of hand spun.
We finally listed my car as for sale on Kijiji ... I will miss my little wagon (who'd have thought I would love a station wagon so much? It was a great car for work -- I could carry 300 hot dog buns, 25 2 litre soft drinks, 5 watermelons, 2 large coolers, 5 - 1/2 slab cakes, a 6 ft. folding table, a 5 gallon jug of water and all the condiments for the the hot dogs, plus me and a passenger! This car is amazing!). I was won over by the flash and newness of my Pursuit ... which won't hold nearly as much stuff!


Alyson said...

Those little wagons are actually really popular! A lady I worked with was trying to find an Escort wagon and couldn't get one to save her life...hopefully it'll go quickly and for a good price!

Donna said...

I always hate parting with my car. I keep them forever. Drives my husband crazy! Plus I hate selling it locally and seeing others driving around in it.

lexa said...

It only took a day or two for our flatdecking stuff to sell on Kijiji. Good luck!

christine (threedogknits) said...

Happy blogiversary to you, too! I intentionally waited until today to comment because I really really don't need any more yarn (although if anything would tempt me it would be Fleece Artists). Good luck selling the car. Wow, I can barely fit two watermelons in my little car.

Diane said...

I just got rid of my station wagon. My station wagon days covered 22 yrs and I just love them. Unfortunately my hubby decided no more station wagons so the new car is a PT cruiser but oh how I miss the wagon when I go grocery shopping.