Wednesday, 2 January 2008

First Blogiversaries,"fun knits" and yarn.

From what I have read on the blogs I frequent, the celebration of the anniversary of the start of one's blog seems to be a standard thing, and often there are fabulous prizes and a contest of some sort to help determine a winner of the fabulous prizes. I am someone steeped in tradition, a follower of the pack, and someone who loves to enter contests, so figure it is my turn to give back ... so here's the deal ...

Next week, Thursday, January 10th, is the first anniversary of my blog ... it doesn't seem possible that it has been a year since I started writing this, time sure has flown by while I was meeting a bunch of pretty nice people! It has been a fun year, and I have been inspired to knit because of the folks who pop by with a comment ... some are regulars (hi Knit Niters!), some pop in occasionally and others come by for reasons totally unknown to me (but greatly appreciated and enjoyed). I have enjoyed reading the comments, and if you have posted here, you get added to my daily reading list, and have probably amazed me at some point this past year with one or more of your FO's.

I tend to ramble, so I will get back to the point .. blah blah blah blogiversary yadda yadda yadda great friends, good times, inspiring ... ok, so, because I have had fun reading your blogs, and have had a great time this year, AND because one of the things I am looking forward to this year is making more things for me and my hubby, T, the contest has to do with you and me.

Please post in the comments of this post a link to a pattern that you love to knit for yourself. Something that you find fun, and look forward to making - it can be easy or difficult, just send me something that you feel is a "fun knit".

The link can be to the actual pattern, the book the pattern is in, a picture or write up about it on your blog -- it just has to be a way for me to see the fun thing that you enjoy knitting the most (yes, purses can be entered ... although I doubt I will ever knit another, I'd love to see yours!) which I might want to knit in this year of knitting for me and T.

How will a winner be chosen? I have been debating between random selection of a winner, or letting the winner be the person whose pattern most inspires me to take up the needles and make it right away -- so, how about this -- one winner will be randomly drawn, and a second prize will be awarded if there is a pattern sent in that gets me on the needles.

Contest deadline is January 10th at midnight whatever place you live (as long as that falls before I do the draw before I go to work on Jan. 11th at 8:30 a.m. Nova Scotia time) If you aren't in before I go to work, sorry.

What do you win, you ask? check back in a day or 2 ... everyone has a different defintion of fabulous -- I hope my prizes are decent, or tickle your fancy. The prizes will be yarn, I am still deciding what yarns to give out and what goodies to tuck in with them. There will be pictures posted here in this post soon (I promise).
ETA: Pictures finally! Fleece artist prizes ... Random draws from all entries for the sock yarn, and if you inspire me to drop everything and start knitting what you suggest, you get the Country Mohair (I am pretty easy to get to follow a suggestion ... show me pretty stuff, and you could be a winner!)
Good luck, and thanks for spending time with me this year!


Heide said...

Congratulations on one year of blogging and thank you for having a fun contest. This year I've been cranking out mittens. Not only are they quick, but they use up worsted weight yarn which can accumulate after knitting sweaters and other larger projects. My favorite free pattern is here And to go with the mittens my favorite free hat pattern is here: Both patterns are basic but can be easily livened up.

Miss T said...

I'm dying to knit Hanami:

It's next on my list (after I finish my Shetland Triangle) and I can't wait to get started! It looks like a fun, easy knit.

lexa said...

I saw this link on someone's blog and printed the pattern off the other day.

It's a free sock pattern called Nutkin. I think it has short row heels, I didn't look really closely at it yet. I think it's a neat looking sock.

Knitting Mama said...

My absolute fave pattern to knit (for myself, for gifts, etc) is the Irish Hiking Scarf!

Here is the pattern:

Once you finish a repeat or two - you have it memorized - seriously - and there is no need to look at a pattern! That's why I love it! And it's a quick easy knit with beautiful cables!

Kris said...

Honestly, these are one of my favorite patterns. I am just waiting for the day that my current slippers fall apart so I can knit up a pair of these. The construction is nothing like you would imagine.

Not sure if the link will work. It is AC-33, the felted clogs.

Marti said... knits, fun knits. It's all fun, isn't it? I'd have to say that the Babes are one thing that I consider really fun to knit. The doll knits quickly, there's other skills invovled sometimes (like embroidery or just sewing) and when you're done the doll herself, you get to knit the clothing, which is just too cute for words. Then you have something to dress up and make accessories for. The project could go on for days, but each part is a separate little entity, so you can finish it in an evening, and you're building on a larger item. Other than that, I'd suggesst 50 Baby Bootees to Knit by Zoe Mellor. All of the patterns in the book are fun. And quick. And pretty. Did I mention quick? It's as close to instant gratification as you can get with knitting...with the exception of dishcloths.

Marti said...

PS: Baby booties = good stash busting projects.

Shelley said...

Congrats on your blogiversary!

Here is a link to a pattern I am knitting now...the Yukon Leaves Socks pattern. I really enjoy this pattern and it's easy too. The only reason it's taking me so long to do is that I haven't been sitting down to work on it. I did the other day though, and I hope to get the 2nd sock finished before I head to Egypt in 3 weeks.

OhAmyKP said...

The first time I made these wristwarmers I was soo happy. I got really giddy when i realized it knitted both in under 5hrs. Ever since then I've made three more pairs.

ikkinlala said...

It's so hard to pick just one pattern, but one of my favourites in the Thuja socks from Knitty ( They can be made in the heavier yarn as in the pattern (which makes wonderfully warm socks), or they can be adapted to fingering-weight yarn. They're not difficult, but they're perfect comfort knitting, and I love the finished product because it seems to fit my feet really well.

Kelly said...

Happy Blogversary!!
My want to knit pattern right now is The Herringbone Mittens. Here's the link :)
for me i'd take the pom pom off, lengthen the cuff, there are lots of great versions out there.

Michele said...

Hi Heddy!

Happy Blogiversary!!

I would have to say that the Ballet Camisole from magknits July 2006 is a great fun knit for me. I am in the process of knitting it now and it is relaxing with all the stockinette stitch but is still interesting because of the shaping. I can't wait until its done!!