Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Only 3 More Knit Nites until Christmas!

Grab your needles and get knitting, only 3 more Knit Nites until Christmas! That's not much time if you are working on covert knitting ... not mentioning any names, but the one who makes the coffee every week better get her needles clicking if her ecret-say esent-pray is going to be ready.

I may have plateaued ... haven't touched a purse in a week ... no felting, no knitting, I may have reached my limit. The final sale is Saturday at the Woodpile Cafe in Liverpool. I have been knitting a few little hats for the nephews (ya know, to take the edge off!) and they are kinda cute, so who knows, they may be the next excessive run I get on. If I like something, I make 50 of it!

See you this evening ... 7 p.m., Liverpool Market Superstore's Community Room.


lexa said...

You're like me, I go overboard! I've knit so many purses. I really should have a couple more of the diagonal felted ones for the store, but right now I need to do Christmas knitting. I'm on hat 5 of 6 (which will be my knitting tonight!). Be glad to get them done cuz after making 4 in a row already it's getting monotonous! (It's a nice pattern, but y'know how it gets.)

Got panicky for a minute yesterday and thought I may miss tonight. School was cancelled, and it was supposed to be the Grade 2&3 Christmas concert last night. It was changed to Thursday. Glad they left the Grades 4,5&6 for tonight!

I don't think I'll bring anything to wind tonight. I have lots of yarn ready to go, and I'm 99% sure I'm getting a swift for Christmas!

Marti said...

Hi there! Here are a few links to some of the posts on my blog relating to the Knitted Babes. You can also go to the Knitted Babes KAL if you like...the link is in my blogroll I think. Anyhow, hope these links work!

You can also check out my Ravelry notebook...I have a finished Babe on there as well. Hope you get a kick out of them.

lexa said...

There is a skein of aran Decor in the mark down bin for 25% off if you wanted one for more snowman hats. There's also some Shetland Chunky and Tweeds that are good for mittens and hats.