Saturday, 1 December 2007

Saturday ... silk, snow, Santa and s'lobsters

I have always had a weakness for alliteration.

I won a contest a few weeks back, and received the prize really quickly, but unfortunately it was during my delinquent blogger stage, so pictures of my lovely new yarn didn't get posted , and a thank you shout out wasn't given ... I am so sorry, Xtina. The yarn is so pretty and soft ... I love it, and am thinking of something wonderful to make from it. It is a silk/wool blend and I love the array of colours in it (several shades of pink, mauve, plum, tan, teal, sage, if it is pretty - its in there!) . If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Personally, I am thinking that it would be a lovely pair of Fetching fingerless gloves for me! (click on the picture to see it in all its glory!)

This morning I woke up to a light dusting of snow ... pretty, and (Hurray!) not enough to shovel! (Yay!). The dogs enjoyed their trip into the yard for their morning outing ... snow always makes them act like silly pups. Looks like someone slipped off of the "Nice" list!

This week is the first full week of lobster season, and T. came home with a surprise last night ... 8 lobsters! I know there are only 4 in the picture -- heheh! we were eating away, complete with potato salad, french bread and garlic butter for dipping when I realized, "This could be a bloggable activity", but decided if I got up to get the camera, I would be missing valuable lobster eating time! So, you get pictures of our leftovers. And my assurance that they were sooooo good!

Today, T is working and I will be going to work for a little while too -- today is the annual municipal gov't sponsored movie in support of the local food bank, so I will be going to the theatre along with some volunteers to collect donations to the food bank. It is one of the fun community things I get to organize as part of my job -- it is always a nice feeling to see the people come to the movie and show their support of our local food bank (this is a really hard time for many people, and the food banks tend to get higher usage now more than any other time of year!).
When I get home, I think there will be some felting going on ... 2 purses done (or nearly done). The blue one was one a lady requested I make for her, so I am anxious to get it finished and delivered.
Normally, the first weekend in December is my decorating and holiday food making extravaganza (I am the only one involved in the extravaganza -- so it is much more fun to call it that, than what it is ... me making all of our holiday snack foods in one tremendous go-at-it in our kitchen.). I think I may do some of the "extravaganza" today, and a bit tomorrow ... meatballs, mushroom rolls, curry chicken phylo triangles, and this year, I might try to make my own baby quiches. The decorating will wait!


Donna said...

I am so jealous! I love, love, love lobster! Small alliteration there.
Your prize yarn looks lovely. It will make something beautiful I am sure.

lexa said...

The prize yarn does look very pretty! The lobsters... well, I ain't a fan. I'll eat a bit in seafood chowder, that's it.

By the sounds of the forecast we may be getting more of the white stuff tomorrow and later in the week.