Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Out with the Old and In with the New

2008 was a bit of a rocky road at times (no knitting for 9 days!), and I am looking forward to the excitement of a brand new year, filled with the promise of new experiences, starting tomorrow.

We don't have much planned for tonight; we have been invited to T's brother and his wife's place for take out Chinese food, drinks, snacks, Wii and fireworks - should be a fun evening, close to home and with people who are special to us.

We had planned to go to Halifax to spend the evening with my sister, her husband and their 2 boys, doing basically the same thing as we are now going to do at my BIL's place, but there is a winter storm warning and despite planning to have a big ole lobster boil in Halifax, we decided to play it safe, cancel our plans, and stay close to home in the event we lose power and have a bad storm (I don't like to drive in a storm -- and the weather reports make it sound pretty scary!).

I am frantically working away on what I hope will be my final FO of 2008 .. the Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet socks for T (he doesn't know yet ... thinks they are for me - they are quite a "me" colour combo, consisting of 2 shades of orange, brown, black and grey. I have one done, but for kitchenering the toes, and have the other one mere rows from being able to start the decreases, so I'm cautiously optimistic that they will be my final FO of the year. I hope I finish them -- that will bring the total to 115 FOs for 2008.

I am really pleased that I finished as many things as I did this year (some with help - Thanks Marti for the help with the Tam - it would still be in the UFO basket if not for you!) -- I still have a number of things in the UFO basket, and think that one of my resolutions will be to finish the started socks by the end of February, and if I don't like them any more -- to Frog 'em and start something I do like! I also have a started, nearly finished Emerald sweater - and would like to finish that by the end of March (dragging my feet on it because I am scared it won't fit ... it is a bit small in the arms and seems small across the back - still on the needles, and maybe it will come out in the blocking?)

Breakdown follows (just so I can look back at the end of 2009 and see what I accomplished compared to this year -- 2009, is the year of "Just Say No to Marathon Knitting" -- I can't live through it if I'm told to stop knitting again, so will be taking care of my body by knitting in shorter sessions.):
Dishcloths - 24
Purses - 26
Fingerless Gloves/Mitts - 12
Socks - 12 (if I finish the ones I am working on - ** Fingers crossed!)
Cowls - 8
Hats - 6
Baby Hats - 2
Baby Booties - 2 pairs
Hand towel - 1
Vest - 1
Community Collage (thanks Knitterpuddlians!) - 1
Stuffies - 17 mini pumpkins, 3 snails, 1 Sheldon, 1 Cupcake

If the socks are finished before we go out for the evening, I will post a modelled picture of them ... if not, I will have a very early Fo for 2009!

Take care, have fun and enjoy the final hours of 2008 -- I wish all my friends a safe and happy new year and prosperity and success in all you put your hand to in 2009! Happy New Year!

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lexa said...

Have fun tonight! I am off work in 15 minutes, going to pick up our pizza and garlic fingers, the Oldest One at his grandparents, then home to eat, drink, and knit! Better keep a close watch on the stitch count... ahem...

Happy New Year to you, T, and the fur babies!! :)