Saturday, 27 January 2007

Tired but happy!

We picked up the new kitten on Thursday evening ... what a long ol' drive! The breeder lives 45 minutes past Hfx. Airport, so we didn't get him home until after 10 p.m., had to go get Duffy from her grandparents, and introduce Curly to all the family there ... my little niece is only 4 and the sweet girl tried her best to stay up for us, but couldn't, then when we got there she was so tired, they couldn't get her to wake up to meet the Kitty! She wanted to meet the new kitty so badly! What a little darling!

Introductions the first night did not go as well as we hoped ... Curly is small and aggressive, the gang here are large and curious. Curly lunged at Duffy, slicing 4 gashes in my husband's stomach ... Duffy, my timid, gentle, sweet babe who wants to kiss and cuddle everything and everyone and won't harm a fly , is now terrified of the kitten and won't come near. Elvis, on the other hand, is in his face constantly, and the kitten hisses at her non stop. Louie hisses and growls, deep low growls like she is demonically possessed -- Curly gives as good as he gets there too , but charges at the 12 pounder!

Needless to say, it has been a stressful few days! They will eventually get used to each other and most of them will probably be great friends, but until then, there will be no unsupervised "kitten on the floor" time when the dogs are inside, and a close watchful eye around Louie. Curly is soooo tiny compared to all of them, and I don't want anything to happen to him! Plus, he tends to charge when confronted, instead of fleeing! Small Cat Syndrome?

Ahhh, yes, knitting ... the purpose for this blog! Hmmm .. well, the slippers I knit for the breeder are way, way, way too big for him! So, I will knit him another pair -- I am certain they won't shrink down that small!

Too bad really, because I liked the colour combination (they are the exact colouring of Curly's mother! LOL!) and our LYS does not carry the Dark Natural ... it was something I picked up when our old LYS had its closing out sale. Ah, well, he said his favorite colour is dark blue and now I know his size (didn't ask him, because I wanted it to be a surprise), so I guess I will go today and get some wool and begin! The picture is the pre-felting shot (that is a dime for perspective! LOL! -- they were huge to begin with!) -- because of the rush getting the kitten (see post below) , I didn't take an "after" shot before giving them to him. I will get a shot and edit this thread when I get them back (they may be re-gifted for my FIL's B-day at the end of February!).

I suppose I should post a few pictures of our newest little darlin' ... This is Curly Manchu.
He is a Selkirk Rex, Flame Point, but don't let the sweet innocent face fool you -- he is badness through and through! LOL! A mischievous kitten! But he is a real snuggle bunny too ... likes to be held and cuddled, cried to be picked up, lets me wash his face and feet, and seems pretty laid back, except with the other critters -- they are of course gigantic to him, so no wonder he is scared and defensive!

His coat will always be curly ... even his whiskers re kinky and wavy (I adore how wavy his belly is! makes me giggle to look at it!). He was living in our bathroom, but I "kitten-proofed" to guest room this afternoon, and he now has his own room until he is big enough, and everyone gets along well enough, for him to be roaming around the house loose.


Shelley said...

Here from Just In The Knit of Time. Welcome to the blogging world!

Awww, the kitty is so adorable! I believe it that he's I love cats, and my own Tinker Belle could get pretty wild too. She's nearly 9 now, and has her moments of wildness, but for the most part she's quiet.

Feel free to stop by my blog ( I've 3 of them, but the link above is for the knitting one. You can stop by the others too if you want (they're all listed on my profile).

lexa said...

Aww, the new addition is so cute! There is red glare in his eyes in that one shot, so maybe that's the devil in him showing!

At least you have a use for the slippers that were too big. The new blue ones are going to be really nice. I love those colors together!