Friday, 18 May 2007

Funky Contest!

I just entered a cool contest and all you have to do is list your Knitting goals for the summer! sounds pretty easy and you could win a tank top knitting pattern and some cotton yarn!

My knitting goals for the Summer are:

1. Get a large number (ie; at least 12 ) of pairs of socks knit for the 52 Pair Plunge ... I am so far behind, and knitting centres me and Zens me out! (in the Summer I have lots of work stress, and need all the Zen moments I can get!)

2. To actually finish my nephew's tractor sweater before his third birthday on August 20th (it has been a WIP for a looonnngg time)

3. To knit outdoors as much as possible -- nothing any finer than knitting on a boat, or in the woods, or on the beach, or in a park! Love it!

4. To finish my Fetching fingerless gloves (I keep putting them down in favor of something that MUST be done -- I love them, and want a pair sooo badly, and have started a pair in a lovely paprika coloured merino wool, just wanna get them done!)

5. To get a sweater knit for each of the 2 babies - our 6 month old nephew and our soon to be born dunno if its a boy or girl niece or nephew -- so they will each have cute cuddly Christmas gifts!

6. To stick to my goals and actually get these things done! I like to dream big ... I need to be realistic too (but I like the big dreams!)


lexa said...

I'll have to check that contest out.

I'm anxious to do something that requires seaming now so I can use mattress stich the correct way! I think tonight I'll take home the yarn I've had set aside for eons at the store (well, since before inventory in January) for sweaters for the boys. Maybe I'll get one started on the weekend if I can tear myself away from socks...

Frieda said...
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