Thursday, 13 September 2007

What to do on a Wednesday night?

Here's what we do ...

On a more serious note, I took my new to me wheel to the Spin Doctor for a diagnostic (the flyer spindle is too large in diameter to fit a standard bobbin, and the flyer seemed to be missing "something", so I wanted to know what could be done to make the wheel usable). The good Doctor said it seemed to be well made, a good copy of an Ashford, and that I should be able to order a new Ashford flyer and bobbins for it - he will modify the maidens and apply new leather to retrofit it for the new flyer ... Yay! The exchange rate is so good right now that even with shipping, I am paying only about $5 more than if I had waited a month to get it here in Canada ... I want to spin! I hope I don't get dinged in customs)

I called to order the flyer (you can get a 3-speed upgrade for my single drive wheel! yay!) and found out it is on backorder - until Oct. 3rd! seems like an eternity- so I am looking into alternate arrangements. (*Edit: Found one in the USA - it should be here in a week!

Not much new in the world of knitting or spinning - I am still drop spindling, and went to a spinning day at the Wile Carding Mill Museum last Sunday (I was the only one on a drop spindle, and got lots of questions about it from the public), and didn't even try a wheel, although they had all sorts of fancy wheels there - I thought I was happy with just a spindle. When I got home, I went on Kijiji to check out prices of used wheels - everyone had been talking about them at the Museum event - and made a few enquiries, just to see if they were working wheels or decorative, and the next thing I knew, it was Monday afternoon and we were driving home from Caledonia with a spinning wheel in the backseat - the details are a bit of a blur.

Its a bit weird - I thought I was happy with the spindle, I like it, I can get really skinny yarn using it, its portable and easy ... but the wheel is beautiful, and has the potential to be faster once I learn how to do it. (and Curly really loves the wheel - I can't get his paws off it! In his other lives, he must have been a spinner or a spinner's kitty!)

Tuesday we went to the Valley (that's the Annapolis Valley if you aren't from Nova Scotia) for a trip to get some Fall produce, and T asked if there were any "wool places" up there (I married a truly wonderful man! *grinning*) The only wool shop in the Valley that I knew of was Gaspeau Valley Fibres, but I had no idea how to get there ... so we did a "wander" and found it. It is a really nice shop - lots of variety in the yarns, and some beautiful exotic stuff too! I was drooling! Lots.

It was here that we discovered that I would need a new flyer for the wheel - none of the bobbins fit it. Wow! What a nice selection of fibre to spin with and some lovely wheels to buy!! I showed remarkable restraint and only bought a bit of natural merino to practice with, even though T was encouraging me to get some - he hadn't been to Sharon's at this point. Sharon at Boulder Brook Spinning, my lfs (local fibre shop) has a great selection too - I can get most of what GVF had at Sharon's, but it was neat to see what another fibre shop had.

(*Edit: it is now Friday, as I finish off this post - I am getting ready for Friday Spinning at Sharon's. She is so sweet - today she's going to teach me to spin on a wheel ... I am nervous and excited) * I will add links later, or I will be late for spinning!


Donna said...

Good luck with your lesson. I look forward to seeing some of your finished product!

lexa said...

Have fun!

Dorothy said...

Have fun learning to use your spinning wheel.
There was one at an auction here last weekend - hubby just looked at me and said "NO". Right now I don't want to learn to spin, so he was safe. I didn't get either of the swifts I bid on though :(
It's still in the window, so I guess it didn't sell?

Diane said...

I love your cat picture. Isn't it funny how they end up inside any bag or box on the floor. Silly creatures.

Claire said...

Hi, Just found your blog today by chance. Loved your story about the wheel. I am learning to drop spindle now. You can see my rather sad early attempts on my blog. It was fun to discover an NS blog - I grew up in Halifax, even though I now live in Iowa. :-)