Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Fall Foliage

After work, T and I went for a drive to try to get some Fall pictures -- but it was quite windy, and the leaves were all turned backwards! I hope I didn't wait too long to get pictures ... we have had some rain and wind over the past few days, and that can take the leaves down quickly.

Looking at these pictures, I see potential colour combos for knitting, and realized where the inspiration for most of my purchases come from -- this shot has pretty much every one of my favorite colours in it (so pretty ... no wonder Fall is my favorite season!)

Most of these pictures will get bigger if you click them -- I can never figure out why or how ... so I hope they embiggen for you!
Wild Apples (T took this picture -- my shot of another apple tree was not very good!)

Every colour is there ... red, orange, yellow, and green!

Shake your (rose) hips!

Shh ... Boats sleeping! Fralic's Cove at Dusk

A splash of colour on a woods road

Some crazy looking bush in somebody's yard -- so bright, we stopped!

Mellow Yellow

Pumpkins at Sobeys

I Kinneared a pretty tree (lime, gold and rust ... it coulda been a good Kinnear!)

That's all for now!


lexa said...

Nice pics! I love fall colors.

Donna said...

Your pics are gorgeous.

I do think we missed the best colours this year. Everything seemed a touch dull and not as vibrant as usual.

Hope to see you tonight.

Marti said...

Lovely photos...I had meant to get some as well, but I think it might be too late now.