Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Happy Halloween!

Candy? Check!

Jack O'Lanterns? Check!

Knitting? Check!

What are you knitting while awaiting the little goulies and ghosties tomorrow night? Be sure it is a dark colour and washable (those little bars are crumbly and leave little chocolate stains! LOL!)


Donna said...

I must confess I have become a Halloween grinch. We only get about 7 or 9 people, most of them older, so I buy Laura Secord treats for the little ones I know, give them to them early and then we go out for the evening!

lexa said...

I am in felted bag mode right now. Got one done and ready to felt, and there is one awaiting the i-cord, and I'm working on the body of the third one today at work. Then I MUST switch to Christmas knitting. I MUST!

Marti said...

First, your pumpkins look awesome. Very envious, especially after my poor showing in the carving department.
As for my knitting, I'm torn between needing to finish up a pair of work socks and wanting to cast on the left side of my SIL's sweater. I may go for the simple sock as the sweater has cabling and if I do have to get up and down a bunch, then I won't forget where I am.

Robin said...

Love your Jack-o-Lanterns!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!