Sunday, 17 February 2008

Chasing away the Winter Blahs

I am so tired of Winter and the drab look outside - monochromatic colour schemes always annoy me - and I am not a fan of white and grey, so I started to look around for some things that make me happy that aren't outside, and I found plenty --

A great deal on some fun yarns! (I forgot all about Atlantic Fabrics in Oakhill having a yarn section - it is small, but I found some real treats for curing the Winter blahs on an excusion T & I took yesterday! Kertzer On Your Toes - only $8.97 per 100 gram ball!! Wow! They only had it in the solid colours, but I have been wanting to knit T a pair of socks in a manly colour, and think if there is a pattern, and a colour I njoy, I could bear knitting a solid colour. And I'm going to try out the new Bernat "Felting" for --wait for it -- felting some purses. I think it is worth trying at only $4.47 for 74 yds., and it comes in lots of pretty colours)

A bit of colour for inside the house.

A warm fire, friends and a catnip toy ... let it all hang out!

Not wanting to be lumped into the "Blah"category, Louie does her best imitation - Space Kitty from Mars!
I am off to finish T's socks (Hopefully, without a hitch! I worked on them a long time yesterday ... and am reworking them today - don't ask! I think the yarn has some serious voodoo magic in it!)


lexa said...

Wow, what a great deal for the OYT, that's barely over cost. I wonder if that's their regular price or if it was marked down? You'll have to give your review of the Bernat Felting when you use it. I've been wondering what it's like. There are some nice colors in it.

Donna said...

What a great way to brighten up a grey day. I am finishing my third pair of black/dark grey slippers for felting and I can hardly wait to work on something bright and cheerful!

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Ha ha the cat pics and the comments about them. I will laugh all afternoon.
How do you like that Bernat yarn??