Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Didn't realize I had this picture

At Knit Nite tonight, we were talking about the upcoming Yarn Harlot book tour, and reminiscing about when she visited Halifax promoting her book last summer. I remember talking about it before, and know that Marti was there, but at that point we didn't know each other. Tonight when I got home I thought "I bet there is a picture with Marty in it", and after much searching and some photo enhancing (damn the big foyer and non-powerful flash!) -- I found one!

She is the blond with the headband and the denim and red knitting bag in the centre of the picture.

In a very small world twist ... Marti mentioned tonight that she was in line just ahead of me to get her book signed and overheard me mention that I had to travel back to Liverpool that night. Weird, eh? What are the odds of 2 people in a crowd of about 150 winding up in line one behind the other, being from the same town and not knowing each other? Really bizarro IMO!

Not that this is a new subject ... or anything to do with current or upcoming knitting ... just something that I was thinking about.


Marti said...

Wow, that is so neat! I think it was meant to be, that we would be knitty friends, and it would've happened earlier had I hadn't been so shy and actually asked if you indeed were from Liverpool! Very cool.

Marti said...

Doesn't it look like I'm concentrating really really hard on knitting my socks???!

Heddy said...

I was going to ask you if you remeber what you were knitting at the harlot ... I was knitting a pink/green SWS purse (whatelse, eh?!!LOL!) for a craft sale!

You look like you are pretty interested in the sock - is this like Hank and the water dish? LOL!

Steph said...

The tall lady with the short hair on the right is Deb Barnhill... I was right around there.

Marti, I remember you looked like you wanted to say Hi, but were scared by the Krazy KOLers and our battering ram.

Marti said...

Yeah, to be honest, it was kind of like Hank and the water! My MIL was with me that night, but I think she was a little freaked out herself by all the knitters!

Steph, if you stop by: You guys looked like you were having a blast! Loved the whole battering ram thing...too funny!