Saturday, 23 February 2008

Oh -- how I hates it

I am so sick of snow!

We got a huge dump of it last night ... they were calling for 15 cm., and I think we got way more than that. Parts of my yard were over my high boots!

The snow is pretty, but I still am not being won over. I had plans today! and now they are indefinite plans ... and there are decisions to make about whether it is safe to go.
This is my new favorite link -- I keep checking to see if the Bridgewater camera is snow covered, and if the roads look good -- so far, they look OK; not great, but OK. I think the trip is on again -- maybe only as far as Bridgewater, or depending on the roads, the whole way in to Halifax. Or ... I dunno, maybe it would be safer to stay home.
Crap ... I hate snow.

I hate grey, and white and grey.

Onto brighter things ... this is the final bloom on my amaryllis, one that I have had for at least 5 or 6 years. It normally blooms right after Christmas, following months and months of neglect. I can't recall the name of the colour ... I call it "Cheery". I have another that I got in the after Christmas markdowns this year ... it is orange, and has already done its thing (I, being the very organized me that I am, didn't take a single picture of it -- It was drop dead gorgeous!), and you'll have to wait to see if I can get it to bloom again next year.
My grandmother, Alice, had a thing for amaryllis, and a real green thumb to boot. She used to plant her bulbs in the garden each summer, then bring them in in the winter -- she'd get 2 batches of blooms out of them. I don't put mine in the garden -- I have a tendency to forget about the bulbs that don't overwinter, and they wind up frozen.


lexa said...

I use that highway web cam link all the time. T has me on there and on the NB one checking road conditions for him all the time. It's really quite helpful. The Confederation Bridge cam is a live streaming cam, kinda neat.

Hope you get/got for your trip today. We did get way more snow than what they called for. I think we've had way more than enough for the season.

Donna said...

Snow is pretty and white and fluffy! Be nice to snow and it will go away!
Spring is around the corner!