Saturday, 5 April 2008

Just a vent

My previous post about UFOs is a long one, and you can skip it if you wish to avoid wading through a long rant ... I just needed to get the most current UFOs out in the open, so I would feel some guilt about them and actually get my arse in gear to rid me of some (it worked ... I have the i-cord on Sheldon done, and have knit a few rows on the "I Wanna Be..." socks). Sometimes it takes a long hard look at yourself to affect change!

On a more cheery note

Lookey, lookey ...

I got me some new yarn! My former boss asked me to look for someone to knit him a fairly complex sweater (out of Rowan Alpaca), and gave me the yarn and pattern book to show interested friends. In the bag was this odd partial ball of blue/purple/multi coloured soft, soft, soft yarn, which wasn't intended for the sweater. I asked him if I could have it, and it is now mine (his wife knits and it was hers, leftover from a cashmere scarf she knit this winter --- squeeee! Donna, I am bringing it to the next Knit Nite ... I'd like to use your yarndage measurer, if you don't mind, to see what I can make from my new cashmere. I am hoping for fingerless gloves, but open to ideas).

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Donna said...

No problem using the yarn measurer. I am improving daily and welcome our group to my house on Wed. nite. I will have it set up and ready for you!