Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Not as clever as I think I am ...

Yeah ... My hint as to what I am knitting must have been too broad - I am not as clever as I think I am! Marti and Lexa were too polite to let on exactly what I am knitting ... thanks girls!

I am FINALLY knitting Sheldon (after many many months of wanting to make him, fully knowing that if he knit up easily, I would want to knit a legion of little turtles!) ~ if a group of cats is a clouder, and group of monkeys is a troop ... what's a group of turtles? Just curious.

He is coming along nicely, and is not nearly as difficult as I imagined him to be (hence the long delay between bookmarking the pattern and actually taking up the needles to cast on). I am about 70% done, and am only working on him when the mood strikes.

I am thinking he is adorable, and, despite having started him as a possible gift for one of the nephews for Christmas, there are plans afoot to keep him just for myself! I made him intentionally in a colour combo that I thought would be easy to give up ... but I am enamoured (sigh ... Ohhhh, my sweetie Sheldon!).


Marti said...

Why, a herd of course...a herd of turtles. Very very cute. I may need to knit one tonight.

Donna said...

How cute is that little thing! I thought he was going to be gloveless fingers. ( Remember I have a very bad head cold)
Being a bit curious, I checked online and it is a bale of turtles!

lexa said...

Bale of turtles... wonder where the herd ever came from?

He's a cutie! I have to make one. I also liked Norberta from Knitty. Thought about making one sometime for nephew. (Sheldon would be mine! Well, I suppose I could make one for newphew, too.)

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I can't wait to see Sheldon finished - so cute. I need to figure out how to make toys!