Friday, 30 May 2008

A tune in my head

All day I've had a tune rolling around in my head ... it could be because of what we got at the auction last night.

A round trip from Halifax to Montreal on the train. I love the train ... not driving or needing to be the navigator, watching the world go by the window, traveling through the backwoods and the cities to get to your destination, going to sleep in one town and waking up in another (and the linens on board -- oooh lala! Crisp cotton sheets and down comforters .. mmm, just like home, without the discomfort of a valley bulldog shoved into the small of your your back).

I've never been to Montreal, and have only ever been to Quebec (the province) once -- and it was on a train trip to Matapedia (one of our best and most memorable trips ever - I think it was our 3rd or 4th anniversary). We will likely go in early Fall, around the date of our 9th anniversary.

Once we got home and I reviewed what the package includes, my first thought wasn't anything to do with where we'd stay or what we'd see or do when we were there, but "What do I take to knit along the way?" -- LOL! It's true!

Speaking of obsessions, this is my new one ...

Please don't buy them, or you too will be hopeless in your own defense against these tiny morsels of ice creamy goodness.
Not much lately in knitting news -- I am back at the dishcloths again! Probably some pics (dull) on the weekend.

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lexa said...

You guys got me hooked on Ravelry now, so I'm definitely staying away from the Dibs!!!!

Didn't knit a stitch tonight at work, just puttered on Ravelry and did a post.