Sunday, 15 June 2008

Gone KIPPin'

Yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public Day, and oh my stars, where to start ... I had such a great day, and so much fun!

Our knit nite group, the Knitterpudlians, started our day off at the Ball & Skein in Liverpool for a KIP event hosted by Lexa and the Ball & Skein. They had sweets, and beverages -- and a fishbowl sale for knitters! The slip I drew was for 30% off! Trying not to go too bananas, I picked up a ball of Kertzer Bamboo in coral spice multi (I love, love , love my bamboo socks - they feel so nice on the feet!), Noro Sock (a gift) and some Patons Classic Wool (it is soon "knit until your wrists beg for mercy" purse knitting season).
I have never had the Rust colour or the Deep Olive, and think they will be nice with their lighter hued counterparts (Paprika, and Leaf Green) knit into bags -- the That's Pink and Black are regular colours in my purse creations.
After knitting in public for a while, the group posed for a picture to mark the occasion for the shop. From left to right: me, Donna, Lexa, Marti and Knit Weir -- the entire group was able to attend our local KIP event.

Following the photo shoot (the poor shop owner -- cameras kept appearing "Please take one for my blog" ... she took pictures of this same scene with at least 4 or 5 cameras! -- we are so well represented in blogland!), some of the Knitterpudlians departed for a second KIP event, taking place in Mahone Bay. Two of the group had work commitments and couldn't go (we'll have to plan a Sunday Road Trip sometime ... we missed you Lexa and Knit Weir!).
Lunch was the first thing on the agenda when we got to Mahone Bay. We decided to eat at the Biscuit Eater which was also where the KIP event was taking place. Quite a few folks were there Knitting (it was a perfect day for knitting outside, sunny, warm with just a slight breeze to keep away black flies).
Lunch was wonderful ... I had a to-die-for sandwich -- grilled chicken with goat cheese and cranberry (ahhh - wonderful! -- I was in "Mid-Vanna Pose" when the picture was taken -- that face is rapture, not rupture!). I'll tell you the backward logo story another time!
Marti had Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich -- which was served all warm and melty with a spicy mustard ... looked scrumptious!
Donna had the same as me ... but was busy making friends with an adorable little baby girl at the next table (and the baby's parents) when our food came ... so no pic of her enjoying her yummy lunch (I was too enthralled with my sandwich to get out the camera when she came back! tee hee!).
The family Donna befriended joined us for lunch. ShannChris turned out to be a knitter who Donna and I met at the Lucy Neatby workshop a year ago! Pretty neat to have met up again a year later (last time we met she was pregnant, and now she has an 8 month old baby!) It was really fun to chat with her and her husband (and to coo over the baby - what a little doll!) about knitting, how they came to live in this part of NS and to gush about fantastic yarns. Other knitters just "get it".
Taking part in the KIP event gave us a special deal at the yarn shop, Have a Yarn -- 15% off store wide. They also had a WWKIP Day special on of 25% off sock yarn.

I came, I saw, I stashed! Nancy Bush's "Knitting on the Road" also made it's way into my pile at the checkout - thanks for the tip, ShannChris, it was my bedtime reading last night, and I am in love with a whack of patterns already!
Pictured are 2 skeins of Arequipa sock yarn (too beautiful to leave behind), and a hot pink Fortissima Sock yarn, and a skein of Dream in Color Classy in Happy Forest.
It was the best WWKIP Day EVER! lol! Now, to get all this beautiful stuff knitted up!


lexa said...

Wish I could have made it yesterday. At least you got my Trekking!

I will have to see how my knitting fares the next week or so. I had an incident with the Littlest One 2:30 this morning that resulted in a poke in the left eye, severe pain, trip to outpatients this morning (where I saw your Mom!), and a prescription I need filled. I have a bad scratch on my left eye. Can't see all that well as it is, now it's worse, and my eye is very sore and feels like something is in it all the time. (Pardon any typos, it's all a blurr!)

Enjoy the nice day!

Donna said...

Well I guess you summed up our day quite nicely! And extensively! I will just add a link to your blog when I mention our day on my next post!

Marti said...

I think I have something in my teeth in the pic with me holding the drink.

meegiemoo said...

I love the Biscuit Eater! And I know ShannChris and her DH and baby! I'll have to show your pics to my other friend.

Shannchris said...

So glad you got and liked Knitting on the Road! It's been my bedtime reading many a night : )
Meegiemoo's a friend of ours and she tipped me off that our pics were on your blog. Only problem: you didn't get a picture of the CUTEST member of our family!
Glad you snailduprettinK had a great WWKIP Day!

lexa said...

I'm working on your pocket this morning at work. Should be done by noontime if you're around. Finally. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm very sad now I had that exact same Nancy Bush book awaiting to be sent to you in the pile at my house!! Silly woman told you not to buy any books on your list. Darn can't take it back, guess I'll have to see if someone else wants it. *sigh* Stop buying things how the heck can you get spoiled! Lol just my luck :-P

From your very sad secret pal :-(