Thursday, 17 July 2008

I don't even know where to begin

If you are looking for the regular, mostly cheery, lighthearted Heddy who babbles on about yarn - avert your eyes, and move on to the next blog ... she isn't here today.

I may regret this post, and delete it or heavily edit it ... I just need to vent somehow. Please bear with me.

We are getting a new puppy on August 8th. This brings the total to 3 dogs, 2 cats and about 150 - 200 fish. No we are not crazy, we like animals, and manage our furry family very well.

I had been really excited about our new baby pup, he is totally adorable -- a white Valley Bulldog with a little bit of Brindle colouring on his back end, and he has the same parents as our much loved Duffy (so I know he will be a good dog). But some peeps are bringing me down -- we love animals, and take good care of the ones we have ... I don't get why people think they can tell us that they don't think we need any more pets than what we have.

We don't have any more pets than some other people I know, we can afford to look after them, our pets are treated well, better than most people treat their children. I want to be excited about our new puppy, but I can't get their negative response to our news out of my head.

I don't even have a picture of our beautiful baby Bruce to look at to make me feel better -- when we went to look at the puppies, we were not planning to get one (we've gone several other times to see puppies, knowing we weren't getting any, and have been immune to their sweet puppy charms) so didn't take the camera since none of these pups would be ours. On the drive out we were joking that Duffy wanted a puppy -- and knowing the past litters of this pair, I said "Duffy can have a puppy if there is an all white one there," then feeling brave, upped the anty -- "We'll get one if there is one there that is all white but 20%". Both of us agreed that this was impossible,then went in to see the pups.

Yeah -- Bruce has less than 20% brindle on his back end only. But when we left, we said no way were we getting another dog. I dreamed about him all night and couldn't get him out of my head all the next day - even told the people at work about this sweet puppy that I wasn't going to get.

T came home from work and said, "I wonder what Bruce is doing?" -- and that was it. He had been thinking about this one puppy all day too. We called and he hadn't been spoken for yet, so we told our friend to start calling him "Bruce", we wanted him.

How do you get past the nay sayers? The same people were really negative when we got our kitty Curly, and when we got Duffy too. Once they saw them, they changed their tune ... but for the waiting period to get the Curly and Duffy, it was quite a PITA to hear only bad things, and then once the furry babes arrived - it was really annoying to hear the oohs and ahhs.

Gaghh ... people!

Anyhow -- we are getting a new puppy - his name is Bruce.


meegiemoo said...


I think that's fabulous news.

Cookie said...

Some people are only happy when they are making others feel badly. Please don't let those dreadful people take the joy out of your new addition because that's what they want.

Donna M said...

Hopefully the Kniterpudlians helped dispel some of that negative energy! I know we were all excited for you!

And I say " Bah humbug " to the negative nellies!

Dorothy said...

AWW, New puppy breath coming to your house!! I'm jealous!!
And the name, gotta love Bruce for a puppy name.
For the nay sayers; deliver them a baggie full of puppy treats (the non pleasant kind) after Bruce comes home.

Marti said...

Well, ya know where I stand on puppies...well, I don't literally stand on know what I mean. Congrats!! Love the name too.

lexa said...

Whatever I said the other day when you told me at the store I hope it wasn't negative sounding! I have three cats, the dog, and now five fish. I say as long as you've (people in general) got the love and means to look after animals have as many as you'd like. If I had a bigger house I'm sure I'd have more. I'd love to throw in an iguana some day, but T won't let me. :( Deodorized skunks make great pets, too, I'm told. They'll use litter boxes. And a pot-bellied pig.... Yes, I shoulda been raised on a farm. (But with dairy cows and hens for eggs -- I couldn't kill anything.)

rrrearden said...

You are your own person and you make your own decisions. I know it can be hard but don't let other people affect you!
Unless you have your own doubts, there should be no reason why their input should matter to you at all.
Congrats on the newest member of your family.