Thursday, 18 September 2008

Reason number 7 why I am a bad friend

Normally I am a very conscientious blogger, and a mostly good person. My mother raised me to write thank you notes, to say bless you when someone sneezes and not to point and laugh when someone wears stripes with plaids ... so you may be able to understand why I am totally embarrassed and mortified. I have been not blogging anything of note lately ... and it is partially because I have been so busy with work and home stuff that I can barely breathe, and partially because I knew I had been a bad person. Not put ground glass in an ex boyfriend's margarita bad, not feed a hamster to a pit bull bad ... way way worse than that.

I have been rude.

I am embarrassed about it.

I hope the person I have been rude to can understand and forgive me (which is why I am admitting my rudeness and begging for her to forgive me). I really am sorry ... my Secret Pal in SP12 sent me a parcel several weeks ago - a really thoughtful package, filled with many lovely gifts, and I sent her an email thank you several days after I received the package. But even though I started to blog about them quite a few times, I never got around to the photo taking part -- and a blog about a wonderful present really isn't much of a post without a picture or two to back it up!! So I have put off posting because I was too dang lazy/tired/busy/frustrated with life to take the time to make sure the camera was charged and pull the present together and take a picture. Today, my conscience had enough and I am posting ... I can't stand it any longer! I hate to be rude and don't like to be impolite, or deemed ungrateful.

I really love all of my presents -- and she themed it too (which, if you know me is a wonderful thing ... I love a theme!)

I got No Sheep for You (a book I have been wanting to read and knit from -- lots of good patterns in there, and my pal even bookmarked a favorite for me! so sweet),-- no picture as it is in the bedroom and has been my nite time reading since I got it!

two skeins of hemp yarn in "Licorice"

and two in the prettiest kelly green you'll ever see (feels like twine, but I have heard and read that it becomes beautifully soft and so nice when washed),

she also sent 2 skeins of South West Trading Company's Phoenix Soy Silk ... which I have never tried either!

And, it is like my pal know me -- the best treat ever ... Skittles!

Yes .. I have been keeping them so I could take their picture to put in the post ... and it has been so frigging hard! Now I can eat them - if Bruce doesn't beat me to it!

Anyhow .. sorry there are no links, if I had done that, the post would never have happened ... just google them your own self (it is fun!) LOL!

I love my presents, thank you very much ... and please accept my apologies for being such a lazy ass.


Donna M said...

Aren't you the lucky girl to get such lovely presents. I am sure your SP understands and appreciates your post!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Heddie! Life's been so busy that I haven't had a chance to check out your blog nor email. This is the last week of SP and I'll be sending your last package this week. I apologize for the lateness. BTW I don't think you are rude, just really busy Bruce must run circles around your free time!