Monday, 13 October 2008

What did you do on Turkey Day?

Finally getting back to these - they are anniversary socks for T(our anniversary was Sept. 4th -- oops!). Picked them up yesterday with the intent to knit them at a Thanksgiving dinner at my sister-in-law's meal at the campground, then broke a Bryspun dpn (that's never happened to me before, so I didn't think to have a spare set with me). Started back up when I got home (transferred them to my new Harmony dpns~ love them!) and picked away on them today.

I promised him they'll be done before Halloween - I think if I devote myself to them, and try not to get distracted by Red Hatter purses, craft sale knitting and those adorable sock monkeys waiting to be knit (thanks, Chelle!), I should be able to finish them over the next few evenings.


lexa said...

Hopefully our order with the red and purple Classic Wool will arrive this week. I won't sell you any til you finish those socks, LOL!

I haven't done much knitting at all this weekend. I did get two pairs of slippers felted today and started another pair.

Too bad about the needle. I don't have anything but cheapy needles, mostly steel that size, so mostly they just get bent, not totally broken.

Donna M said...

Sorry about the broken needle. I know how much you loved that set. But I am betting the Harmonys will make you a happy knitter!