Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Working on number 96

I just did a quick tally of my FOs so far in 2008, and realized the socks I cast on 2 nights ago (once finished) will be my 96th FO of the year. Some of the things in my list are little, or quick things but -- wow - 95 FOs is hard take in for me. Please understand - I am not bragging - just a little blown away, because I really don't finish things, and am a slow knitter who gets excited to start, then the excitement wanes and the project gets tucked out of sight. I really didn't think i had finished many things (albeit, there are a fair number of bitty little projects in the pile - 2 hour dishcloths - but I am so happy they are done, not just resting on needles somewhere in a bag!)

I always think that I am a starter, not a finisher; that I knit for the fun of casting on and working away, but not the joy of having a FO to show. It is sort of rewarding to sit back and realize (even though there are 18 dishcloths, 17 mini pumpkins and 3 snazzy snails in that mix) that I have actually finished more than 90 things in less than a year. The bulk of the knitting was 22 purses, 18 dishcloths, 17 mini pumpkins, 11 pairs of socks, and 9 pairs of fingerless gloves.

Now to figure out where they all went!


Donna M said...

A huge congratulations! Even with the dishclothes, that is an amazing accomplishment! Take a bow!

And now onto.......Lucy Neatby!! Yea!

lexa said...

That's not a bad total. I look at my FOs in my sidebar and think there isn't anything overly impressive there. I have two adult sweaters, I think, and the rest are all small stuff.