Sunday, 21 December 2008

Nearly ready

The tree is decorated ... I've got most of my shopping done (3 more gifts to buy, and a few stocking stuffers, and I am done!), and the wrapping, but T will likely help with that, and we'll be ready for Christmas!

We usually decorate the tree with ornaments we've gathered over the years, and each one means "something", but last year and this year we have had new additions to the furry family (Hi Curly! Hi Brucie!), so the fragile ornaments have been put away, and we've gone the route of plastic (Hi glittery purple balls and sparkley silver snowflakes!).

The only sentimental ornaments we have put on the tree are the wooden ones we've collected each year since we've been married (our last name and the year on each one) and we always put up one to represent each of our critters. I found one this year that looks quite a bit like little Bruce (and if you look cloesly, you'll spot the one T painted the first year we got our tuxedo kitty Louie, and Elvis and Duffy's ornaments are located just outside the range of this image), but haven't been able to find anything this year or last that looks like Curly. If anyone in the local area to me knows of where I can find a white kitty ornament, I'd be grateful if you'd point me int he right direction (I know he doesn't know about the others all having one, but I'd like to have one anyway! I am a little attached to my fur babes).


lexa said...

I have two ornaments that I got in 1996 for Simba and Nala that say Baby's First Christmas. Every year I mean to pick up some more that I can put 1998 for Pumba, 2007 for Jewel, and 2008 for Maggie. The ones I had for S&N you could personalize name and year.

Yvette said...

I have small framed pictures, tied with red ribbon, of all my cats over the years. They get hung on the tree every year. It's nice to take the moment to think about the ones that are no longer with us.

Donna M said...

Glad to hear (and see) that things are perking up at your house. You must be pleased to be able to knit again.
And your tree looks lovely!
And Marti did a wonderful job on the tam and slippers. What a knitterly friend she is!

leeniebeenie said...

I know what you mean, we always decorate with ornaments that are collected over the years. Most of them are from both sets of our parents, they give each of us an ornament and so we get four new ones a year. I need a bigger tree next year.

I like your tree and the story that you told about your new pets. Our first tree got knocked over by two flying cats about four years ago. So I know the feeling.
Merry Christmas