Thursday, 22 January 2009

People are good

Thanks everyone for your kind words, tears and for taking the time to comment on our recent losses. It has been a difficult 3 weeks (I still can't believe that we lost both Louie and Elvis within 20 days of each other), but it has been really comforting to have the support of my friends (those of you I have met in person, as well as those who I have only met through your words on the internet). Thank you for that.

Writing the tributes to Elvis and to Louie were things I felt I had to do, to preserve their memory, to cleanse my heart and to be able to grieve a bit, by remembering all the good things they brought to our lives-- much like a eulogy at a funeral. I feel better knowing that other people understand what it is to lose a pet , and understand that to T and I, Ellie and Lou were more than pets -- they were our family. And our families' family too -- they were all really shook up by the news when I had to make those calls; my sister has been checking in daily to see if we are ok -- and I tell her what I am telling you -- we will be ok, but it will take some time.

Thanks again for being good friends, and supporting me (and T) in our sad times.

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lexa said...

It's great that knitters are such a nice and caring bunch, eh? And of course your family would be, especially your MIL.